No One Asked

I’m Chase Connor. I write books. Glad to meet you if this is our first encounter. I’ve published books independently. I now publish with a small indie imprint – The Lion Fish Press. I’ve been with them for 3 years now and enjoy my hybrid way of doing things.

Next month is the 5-year anniversary of publishing my first book, JUST A DUMB SURFER DUDE. It grew into a trilogy. Go buy it. You might like it. If you do, buy the other two! Treat yo’ self!

I only mention and plug that trilogy because (besides the fact that I’m a proud book papa) it confirms that I’ve been doing this for a solid five years. In those five years, I’ve made some smart decisions…and I’ve made some dumbass decisions…when it comes to my books and publishing.

Today–not that anyone asked–I thought I’d give a few of my most solid tips to indie/hybrid authors. Little things that might not be obvious, or might be overlooked, in your publishing journey. Getting a book written, edited, formatted, published, marketed, and in the hands of readers is a full-time job. Sometimes, in the excitement and panic, we forget small things that really build a solid base for an author.

I’ll try not to get too detailed here. Let’s keep it simple and sweet–authors have better things to do than read lengthy blog posts, after all.

Include a Pre-Order/Buy Link in all of your promo posts on social media.

It’s happened numerous times that I’m interested in a book I see promoted on social media only to realize that the author hasn’t included a link so that I can easily purchase said book. Don’t make readers work too hard to find your book. Many of them will lose interest and you lose a sale.

Create a website.

In the beginning, as you’re leading up to the release of your first book, you might not have much to put on your website. That’s okay! Have an “About the Author” page, a page giving details about your upcoming release (with pre-order links once they’re available), a “Contact Me” page, and a newsletter sign-up page that is easily found and accessed.

Get a LinkTree or comparable service.

You want readers, fellow writers, and other industry folks to find you easily on all of your socials, your website, etc. so that it is easy for them to connect with you wherever you are found. A LinkTree can direct people to your website, all of your social sites, your blog, where your books are sold, your merch store, your newsletter sign-up, and so much more. Again, make it easy for readers to connect with you.

Create a newsletter.

It goes without saying, most readers–no matter how much they love your book–are not going to check out your social media or website on a regular basis. Creating a newsletter (and having a sign-up link in your LinkTree) makes it so you can send readers updates regularly and keep them in the loop about your books and what is available to buy–with no effort on their part once they’ve signed up. However, I recommend not sending out newsletters more than twice a month. You don’t want to annoy your readers, either.

Sign Up for the Amazon Author and Goodreads Author programs.

You want to have some control over your books and their listings on these sites, right? However, I cannot stress enough that you should rarely if ever use these sites to interact with readers. And I recommend not looking at your reviews (other than to make sure you are receiving reviews).

Create a standard ‘Also By’ and ‘About the Author’ for all of your books (and don’t forget to update it each time you release a new book!).

Each book you release should have a page listing books you have published that are available to read as well as an “About the Author” section. This gives readers, who might be new to you, information about how to find more of your work and follow you.

These all seem obvious and simple, but I guarantee you that many authors forget to complete one of these tasks in their journey. Getting all these tasks checked off the list early will make writing, publishing, and promoting ten times easier!

Before I sign off on the first blog post I’ve written in a month (I’ve been a lazy bitch) make sure to go show some love to me and my Publishing Siblings™:

I did an Author Interview with Lee Pletzers for Medium. Go check out my thoughts on what it’s like to be a writer and author!

A FIRECRACKER WISH by Ace Jamerson – a deep, sweet, heartwarming New Adult novel about two broken young men who find love and hope together after meeting in a mental health institution. Great enby, gay, and mental health rep.

STERLING – THE MEN OF SILAS BAY by PJ Beale – a dark, future dystopian, sci-fi erotic tale told in episodic fashion on Kindle Vella. The first 3 episodes are FREE and episode 9 just posted today! I feel like I’m being edged by the slow build-up–but the world-building and mystery by PJ is amazing and I can’t wait to see where the story leads!

Tremendous Love & Thanks,

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