Q: I’d like to request a free copy of a Chase Connor book to review on my blog/website/socials. How may I request one?

A: You can forward any request(s) for a free copy of a Chase Connor book (MOBI/PDF) to thelionfishpress@thelionfishpress.com – please use the subject line “CCB Review Copy Request.”

Q: If I sign up for a giveaway through Chase Connor Books, who has access to my information?

A: Giveaways are almost always done through Google Forms and other than winner names, demographic information is never shared with Chase Connor or other authors at The Lion Fish Press. All addresses, email addresses, ages, and other additional demographic information is kept secure. Any questions or concerns can be directed to thelionfishpress@thelionfishpress.com.

Q: I would like to write a guest post for Chase Connor Books. Are submissions accepted?

A: Yes! We are particularly interested in posts from Black, Latinx, and Asian writers–and especially women. Please use the Contact Chase page to inquire or email Chase at chaseconnor@chaseconnor.com!

Q: How can I contact Chase Connor directly?

A: You can either email Chase directly at chaseconnor@chaseconnor.com or you can use the Contact Chase page.

Q: Who do I contact to book Chase for a speaking appearance or reading?

A: At this time, Chase is not accepting any bookings.

Q: Can I buy signed copies of Chase’s books?

A: Sign copies of Chase Connor’s books can be requested by contacting his imprint, The Lion Fish Press. Please email thelionfishpress@thelionfishpress.com with the subject “CCB Signed Copies.” Shipping can vary wildly depending on the country in which you reside, but we will do our best to find a shipping option that is as affordable as possible.

Q: Will Chase read/promote/give feedback on my unpublished manuscript?

A: Short answer – no. However, approval can be granted through The Lion Fish Press if you would like to contact them.

Q: If speaking engagements are not available right now, how can I ask Chase a question about his book(s) or character(s)?

A: You can contact Chase by emailing him directly at chaseconnor@chaseconnor.com or by using the Contact Chase page here. Unless he has a good reason not to, he is almost always willing to answer questions about his work. You can also “at him” on Twitter.

You can also ask him a question on Goodreads. This is a great way to ask about one of his books because everyone who follows him on Goodreads will be able to see the question and answer!

Q: My company would like to buy the digital, audiobook, or film rights to Chase’s work. Who should we contact?

A: Contact The Lion Fish Press at thelionfishpress@thelionfishpress.com.

Q: Will Chase’s books ever be available in other languages besides English?

A: The Lion Fish Press is constantly working on getting Chase Connor’s works into other languages to make them as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Look under each book in Chase Connor’s Books to see translations currently available and where they can be purchased.

Q: How can I get my book on Chase’s LGBTCrew Books or other Recommendation Pages?

A: This page is simply for Chase to recommend books he has read and enjoys. His To-Be-Read pile is a mile high, but if he notices your promos on Twitter and thinks he might enjoy your book, there’s a good chance he’ll eventually read it, and, if he enjoys it, will add it to the page. He is not taking any direct requests that he read specific books at this time.

Q: What is Chase working on now?

A: Sign up for the Newsletter here. Check out Chase on Twitter and follow his blog for all of the latest Chase Connor Books happenings.