A Surplus of Light

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YA – Lit Fic – Romance – LGBTQ+ Rep

“He’s a psycho.” That’s what Mike is told when he asks who the kid is with the dark swoop of hair and eyes that look like icebergs floating in milk. From that moment, it becomes Mike’s mission to find out everything about this kid. The kid who can fight better than anyone, but doesn’t want to. The kid who is the greatest artist Mike’s ever met. The kid who only wants to be his friend during the lightest days of summer. The kid who tells him that being his friend at school will only ruin Mike’s reputation. Regardless of what the kid tells Mike, he doesn’t realize that summer is the best time–it has the most light–and it makes it easier for Mike to see who he truly is. And there’s no way Mike will back off once he sees this kid for who he truly is.

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5-Star Reviews:

“A breathtaking and quietly epic love story…”

“Surplus of Light is a High Watt Bulb of Teen Love.”

“Extraordinary tale.”

“Ten stars out of five.”

“A fantastic read.”

“A rare and beautiful delight.”

“A beautiful story.”