“It’s called the Full Strawberry Moon,” I said before tilting my head back to look up at the moon with him. “The Algonquins named it that to signal it as the time to gather ripe, wild strawberries. It’s also known as the Honey Moon, Mead Moon, and the Full Rose Moon. But…I like Full Strawberry… Continue reading Passages


Writers can't be writers without reading. It's been said many times before by writers more talented, more prolific, and more famous than me. I don't disagree. In order to be a decent writer, reading as often as you can is paramount. I also feel that another important element of being a decent writer is never… Continue reading Spark


Since I write mostly LGBTQ+ Young Adult, New Adult, Erotica, M/M Romance, Magical Realism, and the like--and, typically, not literary fiction--the books and writers I look to for inspiration might surprise many of my readers. Those books and writers would undoubtedly shake the haters who don't hold my work in great esteem. That's not really… Continue reading Inspiration