When Words Grow Fangs

Available in ebook and paperback formats! 35+ reviews on Amazon, 35+ ratings on Goodreads.


YA – Romance – LGBTQ+ Rep – Mental Health Rep

All Jude wants to do is play Bandits online with his friends, write articles for his blog, get good grades, and hopefully, get accepted into a university with a decent journalism program. After all, his dream is to become a first-rate journalist, writing about the issues the young people of the world deal with every day. As far as he’s concerned, he’s crushing his goals.

When Whitmer Central High School’s principal decides he won’t allow a student to start an LGBTQ+ Student Union, Jude’s whole world is thrown for a loop.

No one is standing up for what’s right and everyone seems to accept that an LGBTQ+ club for the students of Whitmer isn’t worth fighting for.

One night, in a fury over what is going on at his high school, and how his principal has treated him, Jude writes a scathing, yet fair, rebuke of his school’s decision. The next thing Jude knows, he’s the subject of a national news article, he’s gone viral on the internet, and he’s become both a hero and a pariah at his school.

Quickly, he starts to realize that his dream career may not be as honorable and honest as he once thought, universities will avoid students who rock the boat, friends don’t always stick up for friends, and adults don’t always know what’s best.

What’s Jude to do? His moms couldn’t be prouder of him, but what does all of this mean for a teen who hasn’t quite figured out his own sexuality?

5-Star Reviews:

“Excellent YA!”

“Sweet and Darling YA Novel Digs Deep on LGBTQ+ Identity.

“Good book on making a stand.

“12/10 recommend.

“Young adult at its finest.”