The Warmth of Our Closest Star


LGBTQ+ Romance – Contemporary

If Enzo were to list his problems, being sad would not be one of them any longer. Almost two years after his one perfect night in Montreal with Peter, he is still alone, but the future now holds promise. After starting a job, finding financial stability, and getting his life in order, he is ready to make his first trip to the U.S. His only concern is whether or not Peter has held him in the same regard as he has held Peter. Will their one night in Montreal two years prior translate to something more meaningful?

When they meet at the Minneapolis airport, Enzo gets his answer. And his life finally begins.

Over the next ten years, Enzo experiences love and loss, sickness and health, wins and losses, extraordinary friendship, the world changing forever, and an unimaginable miracle he wouldn’t have hoped for in his wildest dreams. In the end, he finds that the only question he has left is: What is a life without possibility?

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