A Tremendous Amount of Normal

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New Adult – Lit Fic – Romance – LGBTQ+ Rep – Autism Rep

Noah is normal. He’s full of normal. His older brother Will tells everyone all of the time.
Even if they don’t believe him.
Noah doesn’t understand why kids in school call him a “retard.”
He’s not intellectually disabled.
In fact, he’s very smart.
But a lot of people call Will a fag—so maybe it’s kind of like that. Neurotypical people don’t always make sense. Noah doesn’t understand love in the same way that his brother Will does. But maybe that’s because neurotypical people don’t understand love as deeply as Noah does?
Noah is full of understanding.
And so is Will.
Noah wants a girlfriend.
His brother Will may never be able to have a boyfriend.
Maybe they need to redefine normal?

5-Star Reviews:

“One of the most heartfelt books I’ve ever read.

“Achingly beautiful.”

“Chase Connor Made Me Cry… Again.”

“A heart-wrenching, life-changing story!”

“Truly a must-read.”

“Sensitively written.”