Jake – A Novella from Tricked: The Men of Briefly Buddies


Adult – Erotica – Comedy – LGBTQ+ Rep – M/M Romance

It’s been six months since Dustin and Max restarted the abandoned Briefly Buddies website, and Jake has been begging for his chance to join their group of men since day one. Dustin has been stonewalling Jake, reminding him that the men of Briefly Buddies are all gay sex workers and that a straight guy like Jake would never fit in with the business model. However, when Dustin accompanies Jake to the doctor for an unfortunate rash brought on by an unusual sexual encounter, Jake finally talks Dustin into letting him join Briefly Buddies. Being a straight guy, how will Jake ever know if he’ll do well in the world of gay sex work? Two of the other men of Briefly Buddies might be able to help him figure that out…