Tricked: The Men of Briefly Buddies e-book


Adult – Erotica – M/M Romance – Comedy – LGBTQ+ Rep – Sex Work

Dustin and Max found their happily for now in Briefly Buddies. However, one is always left to wonder what happens after happily for now…

Life after sex work includes college and big dreams for Max and Dustin. Now that they’re in college, and the struggle of real adulthood is upon them, life isn’t exactly the way they imagined it would be. Working for The Man, studying, and gambling on a future that may not materialize, the guys wonder if there isn’t a better way to live life. When they find out that Briefly Buddies, the website where they met, is up for grabs, the guys decide to take a huge risk on themselves.

The next thing you know, they’re connecting with a teacher’s assistant at the college who does I.T. on the side, all of the guys who used to be listed on Briefly Buddies, and even an old coworker of Dustin’s from Chilly Bean’s. The guys set out on an adventure of sex work to create the future they’ve always dreamed of…but will it prove too risky in the end?

Tricked: The Men of Briefly Buddies contains the 43 released episodes from the Kindle Vella series and includes 9 additional unreleased episodes!