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New Adult – Erotica – LGBTQ+ Rep

It all began like something out of porn. The gay eighteen-year-old nerd who works at the grocery store after school is being bullied by the “straight” eighteen-year-old jock who also works at the grocery store. They’re from different worlds and, under normal circumstances, probably never would have met. But an app notification on the jock’s phone sets off an epic…love story?

“Bully” is the story of two eighteen-year-old guys, one a nerd, one a jock, who have their first sexual encounter in an alleyway behind the grocery store they both work at after school. Perfect porn scenario.

What happens after is everything porn is not built on – first love, rejection, coming out, secrets, sharing of the deepest desires, dreams, and aspirations. Finding the strength to be who you really are and loving the person you really are, finding acceptance for who you are, and leaning on your person through one of the messiest times in life. It’s about losing your first true love, graduating high school, finishing college, starting your adult life, and reconnecting. It’s about having the faith that you are enough…but hoping that you will find your person again.

Bully is the story of two boys and this mess we call life. And lots of sex.

5-Star Reviews:

“A very intimate book with a twist at the end.”

“Wow… left speechless… loved the book.”

“Excellent! Among the best in the genre.”

“Must Read.”

“Heart-wrenching, Painful, at times, tender…”