Just a Dumb Surfer Dude Trilogy

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YA – Romance – POC Rep – LGBTQ+ Rep – Down Syndrome Rep

Book 1

Cooper is a genius. At least that’s what everyone else keeps saying, even if he doesn’t like it. But that’s not his biggest problem. Being gay while attending Dextrus Academy, an all-boys prep school, and only having one other gay friend, life can be…difficult. Cooper wants to stay true to himself, and being a hormonal gay teen makes that difficult at times. So far, he’s managed to navigate being a good son, a good student, a best friend, and not lose himself in the process. But when Logan, a hot surfer dude, transfers to Dextrus Academy, is it possible that Cooper will lose himself for a chance at true happiness?

Book 2

Logan has always been a “good boy”. He gave up his chance at finding potential true love at Dextrus Academy, the all-boys school he attends so that Cooper and Alex could be happy together. Now he’s starting to wonder if that decision isn’t the worst he’s ever made. With Cooper and Alex happy and content in their relationship, Logan can’t help but wonder if he’ll never find a guy that loves him. He may only be eighteen years old, but it feels like he’s been waiting a lifetime for the right guy to come along. Just when everything is falling apart, two different guys walk into his life. One he met by chance…and one he’s known ever since he came to Dextrus Academy.

Book 3

Cooper’s time at Dextrus Academy is coming to an end. The graduating class of 2019 is heading towards commencement – and Cooper is prepared to give the valedictorian speech. Now all that’s left for him to do is leave Vermont with his boyfriend Alex for California to attend UCLA on a full academic scholarship…but that means leaving home and his favorite person – his father.

Logan is ready to graduate Dextrus Academy and leave the past behind…but the future is terrifying. He has no plans for college or what he wants to do with his life now that he is moving into adulthood. And he can’t shake the overwhelming feeling that his boyfriend, A.J., might be ready to move on to other things now that their senior year is ending.

One thing is certain – Logan’s father has rented a beach house in Maine for Logan, Cooper, Alex, and A.J. They’ll get to surf, swim, and spend quality time together as the closest of friends one last time before adulthood arrives.

Are their friendships strong enough to withstand distance and time? Will their romantic relationships hold up now that they are no longer in the fishbowl that Dextrus Academy provided?

Was all the love they shared only summer in their hearts?

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