Gavin’s Big Gay Checklist

Available in ebook and paperback formats! 20+ reviews on Amazon, 100+ ratings on Goodreads.


YA – Romance – POC Rep – LGBTQ+ Rep

Gavin is miserable. But it’s not what you think. Okay, maybe it is. Being half-Mexican, half-white, Jewish, and Catholic is hard enough. Being a closeted high school senior just makes things harder to handle. Only Eli, Gavin’s best friend who lives next door–and who happens to be a white, straight, home-schooled son of a preacher–knows who Gavin really is inside and out. But that’s not enough. Gavin decides to make a list. A checklist of “To Do” items to help him become an open, proud gay man before his high school career is over. Before he heads off to college and leaves behind his mother and father, hopefully with their love and support. However, what the checklist does is educate Gavin about life–not just as a gay man–but simply as a man. It teaches him about friendship, honesty, kindness, duty, responsibility, and family. Maybe…just maybe…it will teach him to not be miserable.

Gavin’s Big Gay Checklist starts out as the story of how a young gay man sets out to accomplish “gay” tasks on his path to coming out of the closet. But it ends up being about life, friendship, family, all of the misery and happiness along the way…and menudo.

5-Star Reviews:

“Great YA reading.”

“Great story.”

“Loved it.”

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