Between Enzo & the Universe Audiobook

The audiobook for BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE drops today, folks! Beautifully read by Brian Lore Evans (the same voice actor who read A SURPLUS OF LIGHT) and produced by Tantor Media–I’m so excited to have one of my favorite books available in audiobook format for all of you. Those of you who enjoyed ENZO will adore Brian’s interpretation!

Here’s a sample:

The audiobook version can be purchased directly from Tantor Media here or you can get a copy through Amazon/Audible here.

BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE was a labor of love for me. It was both incredibly harrowing and liberating to write. To have it read by such a talented voice actor is one of my Writer’s Bucket List items checked off.

I can’t imagine being happier with where this project has traveled.

Well, maybe if someone made it into a movie…?

Regardless, I hope those of you who choose to purchase a copy or listen to it with credits through Audible thoroughly enjoy it. I hope your hours with Enzo, Peter, Noe, Ila, and the rest will leave you feeling uplifted and hopeful when the last word is spoken by Brian.

ENZO was a lifetime in the making, two years of writing, and nine months of waiting for the audiobook. To say that I’m elated and overjoyed is an understatement.

So, thank you, first and foremost to the readers. Thank you to The Lion Fish Press (my tiny family of weirdos), Brian Lore Evans (what a blessing you are!), and Tantor Media for believing in ENZO enough to buy the rights. You’ve all made me the happiest little writer in the world today!

Tremendous Love & Thanks,


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  1. Well that’s my day made. Its a damp grey morning in Oxford, UK. I just about to go for my morning walk and I hear the most sublime book I have ever read is now available on audio. I could not be happier.


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