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Praise for Chase Connor Books!

A breathtaking and quietly epic love story…” – LiteraryChaos
“A Surplus of Light is a High Watt Bulb of Teen Love.” – Kent Schuelke
“Extraordinary tales.” – Greg M.
“A fantastic read.” – Coffee Lover
“A rare and beautiful delight.” – berenlondon
“I devoured this book.” – Lindsay
Reading Under the Rainbow Best of January 2021
Love Bytes Review
Rainbow Book Reviews
“Thoughtful, beautifully written, unique approach to storytelling.” – Kira Nerys
“EXTRAORDINARY.” – Kent Schuelke
“Absolute must read.” – Dee
“A beautifully written story.” – Mr. Toad
“I absolutely loved it!” – Kimberly P.
“Moving and hopeful.” – Lyn

Love Bytes Best of 2020

Rainbow Book Reviews

CoverSmash Literary Fiction Cover of the Month July 2020

“Amazing.” – Amazon Customer
“Achingly beautiful.” – James Levell
“Another epic read.” – Tony Williamson, Jr.
One of the most heartfelt books I’ve ever read.” – W.J. Kibler
So well written.” – Clau
“Important.” – JW

Reading Under the Rainbow Best of January 2021

Written Words – Christianne Tann’s Review

“Wonderful, emotionally gripping story.” – KT
“This is a masterpiece.” – Katie Cummings
“Evocative, heartbreaking, and uplifting! A must read!” – Mario Dell’Olio
“Healing read.” – Dee
“Amazing writing!” – Amazon reviewer

Written Words – Christianne Tann’s YouTube review