Tricked: The Men of Briefly Buddies

Tricked: The Men of Briefly Buddies is an LGBTQIA M/M erotica serial story continuation of the book BRIEFLY BUDDIES. It can be found on Kindle Vella – and the first 3 episodes will be FREE! A new episode will post every Friday through 2022. All episodes are 600-5000 words and easily read in 5-10 minutes. Keep checking back here for more episode synopses…

Episode 1, “The Plan” – Dustin and Max have a steamy sexual encounter in their dorm room and Max tries to convince Dustin that they should take over the recently abandoned Briefly Buddies website. First aired on January 7th, 2022. FREE EPISODE!

Episode 2, “The List” – After a raunchy public display of sexiness in their college Intro to Anatomy class, Dustin and Max discuss over lunch how taking over Briefly Buddies would work. Max has a list of all the men who were on the website when he was on it. First aired on January 14th, 2022. FREE EPISODE!

Episode 3, “The Site” – Dustin and Max use their dorm building’s workout room for sexy time. The guys meet with a hot blond-haired, blue-eyed TA who’s willing to help them get Briefly Buddies off and running. First aired on January 21st, 2022! FREE EPISODE!

Episode 4, “The Men” – Dustin, Max, and Tyler meet with all of the men Max knew from Briefly Buddies. The threesome explains their idea of reopening Briefly Buddies as an escort service to the men. Jake catches wind of the guys’ plan and has his own ideas. First aired on January 28th, 2022!

Episode 5, “The Launch” – The launch of Briefly Buddies starts with a whimper instead of a bang. Max realizes that if he wants his and Dustin’s business venture to succeed, he’ll have to get creative with marketing. First aired on February 4th, 2022!

Episode 6, “Mike” – Briefly Buddies gets its first customer, a man who makes a request for Mike. Nervous and unsure, but desperate to do well for the business, Mike sets out to meet the man who chose him from the list of men on Briefly Buddies. Over a decadent five-course dinner, Mike finds out that the man who hired him has very specific tastes–and Mike’s baby-faced good looks will be perfect to meet those needs. First aired on February 11th, 2022!

Episode 7, “Mike 2.0” – Mike’s first-ever “date” through Briefly Buddies leads to a lucrative business proposition that will benefit both Mike and Briefly Buddies. It’s too good to be true…or is it? A visit to a vacation home of his client will lead to Mike making a financial decision. First aired on February 18th, 2022!

Episode 8, “Robert” – Robert gets hired by a client of Briefly Buddies to help fulfill a very specific sexual fantasy. Arriving at a gym, per Max’s instructions, to help the owner act out the scenario he has in mind proves to be fun for everyone. First aired on February 25th, 2022!

Episode 9, “Robert 2.0” – Finding himself in a dangerous position (which just adds to the thrill of a date), Robert finds himself wondering if the world of sex work isn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to him. First aired on March 4th, 2022!

Episode 10, “Kade” – There’s a first time for everything. Kade’s client doesn’t want delivery, he wants to come to him. What better time to do that than on a weekday when Kade is working his day job? Danger and an extremely taboo scenario (even for the men of Briefly Buddies) leads Kade to believe he could become addicted to his night job. First aired on March 11th, 2022!

Episode 11, “Kade 2.0” – Kade continues on his path of finding more and more dangerous ways to meet his favorite clients. He begins to wonder if he’s not on a self-destruct mission, but then again, what’s hotter than being a sex worker who doesn’t give a shit about getting caught? First aired on March 18th, 2022!

Episode 12, “The Bet” – Tyler is growing weary of Dustin and Max turning down clients for him. Beginning to feel as though he’s being relegated to behind-the-scenes work – and his employers not believing he can do the jobs – he throws down the gauntlet. First aired on March 25th, 2022!

Episode 13, “Dalton”Dalton has a few regulars with specific kinks. The jobs he’s getting requested for are easy and hot. However, when he gets a request for a very specific fantasy from a new client, another Briefly Buddies guy might have to jump in and help out. First aired on April 1st, 2022!

Episode 14, “Dalton 2.0”Dalton and his fellow Briefly Buddy worker devise a plan to make a client’s fantasy the best experience of his life. Nervous to perform in front of his coworker, Dalton does his best to confront his nerves. First aired on April 8th, 2022!

Episode 15, “Tyler”Briefly Buddies’ behind-the-scenes (and STRAIGHT) tech guy finally has his first job with a client. When Tyler ends up being presented with a job that involves a face from his past, he has to decide if he’ll accept or decline the assignment. Money is money, though. First aired on April 15th, 2022!

Episode 16, “Tyler 2.0”Tyler is in high demand at Briefly Buddies, which is exactly what one would expect when a hot straight guy is doing gay sex work, right? When Tyler gets a request from a woman–but with a twist–he begins to see where his future with sex work might be headed. First aired on April 22nd, 2022!

Episode 17 – “Mike 3.0”Having Russell Tibbs as his full-time one-and-only client is working out well for everyone. However, during a night out at the symphony, Mike is propositioned with new terms from Russell. He’s both flattered…and scared. A choice will have to be made if things will continue. First aired on April 29th, 2022!

Episode 18 – “Robert 3.0” – Things are going steady with Robert’s favorite client, getting spicier by the day. Behind the scenes of exciting sex work, Robert has a family issue propelling him forward, creating the need for him to make as much money as possible. A meeting called by a favorite client makes Robert concerned for his future financial health. First aired on May 6th, 2022!

Episode 19 – “The Gauntlet” – Things are going well for the owners of Briefly Buddies. Too well. Dustin and Max are paid a visit in their dorm room by the Dean of Admissions. They’re left wondering about his intentions and if Briefly Buddies is in danger from prying eyes. First aired on May 13th, 2022!

Episode 20 – “Gabriel”Briefly Buddies’ most popular twinky bottom is currently in high demand–as he has been almost from the beginning of the reopening. While out on a date with one client, Gabriel runs into another client, and things get awkward. Or maybe they get more interesting… First aired on May 20th, 2022!

Episode 21 – “Gabriel 2.0”After the chance encounter with Gabriel and two of his favorite encounters, a special request comes in for his services. It’s not something Gabriel is against, but it’s a request he’ll have to put a lot of thought into before accepting. The money offered might be enough to make Gabriel forget all about his boundaries. First aired on May 27th, 2022!

Episode 22 – “Vance”One of the Briefly Buddies guys has a secret; one he can never let anyone find out. When it comes to making sure his secret stays safe, he’ll do anything. Of course, if sex and money are also involved, that’s fine by him. First aired on June 3rd, 2022!

Episode 23 – “Mike 4.0”Arriving in Paris, Mike realizes that his favorite client means more to him than he realized. In the City of Lights, Mike will realize that he’ll do anything to keep up his arrangement with Russell Tibbs. First aired on June 10th, 2022!

Episode 24 – “The Party”Dustin, Max, and a handful of the Briefly Buddies guys attend a party that the dean of admissions for the university is throwing for current faculty members and select alumni. Everything goes well…until it doesn’t. First aired on June 17th, 2022!

Episode 25 – “Vance 2.0”Vance’s low-key sex work hits a snag when he’s caught on camera. Will this be the end of his career at his day job? How much trouble will he be in? At the end of the day, he finds out that he’s not the only person trying to keep things on the down low. First aired on June 25th, 2022!

Episode 26 – “Mike 5.0”Russell Tibbs is showing Mike the time of his life in Paris. Though he’s busy with work, Russell does all he can to make sure Mike has the summer of his life in France. However, emotions complicate things, and Mike is worried that he stuck a wrench in the works when he says too much. First aired on July 1st, 2022!

Episode 27 – “Mark”Keeping up appearances is all that matters to Mark. He drives a nice car, has an amazing condo, and eats at the finest restaurants. However, he’s hiding a secret shame that he hopes never comes to light. With the right list of clients, he can make sure that the secret is never revealed. First aired on July 8th, 2022!

Episode 28 – “Mark 2.0”Mark isn’t above blackmail. When he sees an opportunity to make all of his wildest dreams come true–and bury his secret shame forever–he takes the chance. However, he doesn’t realize the ripple effect this will have on everyone around him. Will everyone be in danger thanks to his carelessness? First aired on July 15th, 2022!

Episode 29 – “Dalton 3.0”Now getting into the swing of doing sex work for a living, Dalton has more clients than he could ever dream of. While he may not be the busiest of the guys, he certainly gets some interesting clients… First aired on July 22nd, 2022!

Episode 30 – “The Snag”Dustin and Max find themselves with a huge problem. A virus on Duston’s computer has put the whole Briefly Buddies operation in danger. If they don’t think quick, their empire could come crashing down around them. First aired on July 29th, 2022!

Episode 31 – “Tyler 3.0” – Working quickly to figure out how bad the damage is to Dustin’s computer, Tyler does all he can to protect Briefly Buddies, Dustin and Max, and all of the guys. Of course, he can’t do a good job without the very special support skills of Gabriel. Tyler knows he should probably give his relationship with Gabriel a rest…but he finds he can’t do that. First aired on August 5th, 2022!

Episode 32 – “Gabriel 3.0” – Helping Tyler try and fix things that are going wrong for the Briefly Buddies guys, Gabriel will do anything to help. However, things might be getting difficult when he realizes that his relationship with Tyler might be getting in the way. However, just like Tyler, he finds it hard to say “no.” First aired on August 12th, 2022!

Episode 33 – “Kade 3.0” – Like all of the other guys of Briefly Buddies, Kade is concerned with the shaky ground they’ve found themselves on thanks to one of the member’s carelessness. He doesn’t want to go back to delivering food and barely making a living, but what’s a guy to do? First aired on August 19th, 2022!

Episode 34 – “Mike 6.0” – Receiving word all the way across the world that his friends might be in trouble, Mike asks Russell if there’s anything he can do to help. The two men put their heads together, wondering if there’s anything they can do while halfway around the world. Of course, Russell and Mike are attached to Briefly Buddies, so it’s in their best interest to help in any way they can. First aired on August 26th, 2022!

Episode 35 – “The Bust” – The day that all the guys at Briefly Buddies fears arrives. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Or has something already been done? First aired on September 2nd, 2022!

Episode 36 – “The Calls” – Now that the future of Briefly Buddies is most certainly decided, Dustin and Max decide there’s only one thing to do. They have to rally the troops, call all of their sympathetic clients, and figure out their next step. Is Briefly Buddies done with…or is there another way to continue their business? First aired on September 9th, 2022!

Episode 37 – “Blake 1.0” – Some people enjoy long walks on the beach during a romantic sunset. Others, like Blake’s newest client, enjoy moonlit strolls through the park….at the end of a leash. Handler and pup find their fun out in the open under the cover of darkness. First aired on September 16th, 2022!

Episode 38 – “Blake 2.0” – Blake, as a handler, is asked to take his pup to a BDSM event. Though the money will be good, Blake is unsure if participating in the BDSM scene openly is for him. Then again…where else can he so easily find the sexual freedom he desires? First aired on September 30th, 2022!

Episode 39 – “Robert 4.0” – When push comes to shove, and he seriously considers the future of Briefly Buddies, Robert knows he has to make a decision. With a generous offer on the table from Lyle, maybe getting out while the getting good is what’s best for Robert and his family? First aired on September 30th, 2022!

Episode 40 – “Underground” – Now that they have to keep an even lower profile than before, Max and Dustin take things underground with Briefly Buddies. But will it be enough to keep them in business AND safe? Will air October 7th, 2022!

Episode 41 – “Joseph 1.0” – Operating under new guidelines from Dustin and Max, Joseph does his best to carry on with business as usual. With Joseph’s clients, however, nothing is ever “usual.” Will air October 14th, 2022!

Episode 42 – “Rio 1.0” – The gym is a perfect place for Rio to continue meeting clients, yet keeping information about Briefly Buddies quiet. Rio finds that his newest client is into domination…and Rio doesn’t mind in the slightest. Will air October 21st, 2022!

Episode 43 – “Rio 2.0” – Even though the men of Briefly Buddies are having a Halloween party, Rio has more important business. One of his clients makes an offer that makes missing the party a no-brainer for Rio–even if the request makes him incredibly uncomfortable. Will air October 28th, 2022!

Episode 44 – “Mike 6.0” – Things with Russell have been going well for too long. Mike convinces himself that he’s just being paranoid. However, when he discovers a piece of communication between Dustin and Russell, his world comes crashing down. Will air November 4th, 2022!

Episode 45 – “Mike 7.0” – Is there anything Russell can say to win Mike back in the City of Lights? Or will Mike hop on the next plane out of France and back to the U.S.? Russell will do everything he can to make up for his mistakes. Will air November 11th, 2022!

Episode 46 – “Jake 1.0” – Everything seems to be falling apart for the guys of Briefly Buddies. However, when Jake shows up to save the day, it might be possible that the guys’ still have a future in sex work. Will air November 18th, 2022!

Episode 47 – “Thanksgiving” – With Jake’s plan in the back of their minds, Dustin and Max prepare to say “goodbye” to university, their parents, and everything they’ve ever known. Are they prepared to take this next big leap together? Will air November 25th, 2022!

Episode 48 – “Vance 3.0” – With all of the guys of Briefly Buddies abuzz with the news plan, Vance has to wonder where his future lies. Maybe it’s time to give up law enforcement and follow Dustin and Max towards freedom? Will air December 2nd, 2022!

Episode 49 – “Tyler 4.0” – It’s obvious which choice Tyler is going to make for his future. Dustin, Max, and Briefly Buddies are his way to have everything he’s ever wanted. But…there’s Gabriel. The two of them need to make a decision as well. Will air December 9th, 2022!

Episode 50 – “Rally” – Dustin and Max gather all of the guys for their final answer to their proposition. In the end, the guys of Briefly Buddies will be split up, but the future still lays out before them. Who will decide to stay…and who will go? Will air December 16th, 2022!

Episode 51 – “Christmas” – Nostalgia, family, food, traditions, and gifts. Will it be all too much for Dustin and Max to fully commit to their plan? After spending Christmas with the ones they love, will they be able to leave–even if staying could ruin their futures? Will air December 23rd, 2022!

Episode 52 – “A New Year” – The finale of TRICKED: THE MEN OF BRIEFLY BUDDIES is here. Who will be on the plane when it takes off and who won’t be? Will Dustin let Max down? Or vice versa? And will the talk Tyler had with Gabriel mean one of them will have to stay behind? Find out who’s on board for the next phase of Briefly Buddies in the final episode! Will air December 30th, 2022!

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