Thatcher Graves and the Demon’s Curse (The Thatcher Graves Series – Book One)

Cover Art by: Matt Walker Art


Urban Paranormal Fantasy – LGBTQ+ Rep

Thatcher Graves isn’t great at his job. Summoned at the age of fifteen years old to fulfill his destiny as a demon hunter, his first year of service was a disaster, and he doesn’t like to talk about it. Now, at sixteen, things aren’t much better for him. In fact, they might be worse.

Each morning Thatcher wakes up, roused by the demon who has possessed his cell phone, and does his best to navigate his day. Then he waits for the night and another hunt to begin. No matter what happens, Thatcher knows the hunt will not end well. They never do. But he always wakes up the next morning, licking his wounds, ready to try again.

Gangly, uncoordinated, and klutzy, Thatcher suffers one indignity after another as a demon hunter. He’s not cut out to fulfill the destiny forced upon him. Even his fellow demon hunters know Thatcher isn’t meant to be a demon hunter.

To make matters worse, he has to endure his former demon hunter parents’ overbearing rules—including a curfew. As if demon-hunting runs on a schedule. Rules and curfews aren’t his biggest problem, though. The demon mark on his hand and the curse it carries is worse than any of his parents’ rules and expectations.

When Thatcher finds out that there may be a way to remove the demon mark, the curse, and possibly return to normal life—whatever that is—he has to decide how far he’s willing to go to break his destiny.

Curfews and rules don’t matter when Thatcher makes the decision to once again hunt the demon who gave him his mark.

If only he could stop dying, he might have a shot.

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