Street Teams

Hello, Super Readers! If you’re here, you’ve likely seen the newsletter that went out today (May 15th, 2021) or you’ve seen my posts on Twitter, or The Lion Fish Press’ posts on Instagram. Maybe you’ve seen Tiffany C. Lewis’ posts on her socials? Regardless of how you found this page, I’m so glad that you’re here!

In a joint effort with Tiffany C. Lewis, Thomas Allen, The Lion Fish Press, and several other amazing authors (Joseph S. Samaniego, Abby Rice, Jodi Gallegos, Maren Morgan, Mark Parsons, and Will Butler) we’re building a program for Street Teams!

What is a “Street Team,” you ask? Well, a Street Team is a group–a team if you will–of readers who have read a book in advance of its release, and help to promote and hype it up before, during, and after its release date. They’re the Hype People for a book so that excitement is built before a book is released and other readers are foaming at the mouth to read it upon its release.

This is where you might come into play!

If you want an opportunity to read amazing books – BEFORE ANYONE ELSEFOR FREE – and help promote them so other Super Readers discover them easily, this might be a great program for you! You’ll totally be the envy of all your book nerd friends!

So…how do I do this? You may be asking yourself.

It’s simple. Fill out THE SIGN-UP FORM here. This will let these amazing authors know that you are interested, what your reading preferences are, what your social media and online presence is like, and you may be invited to be on a Street Team for one of their future releases.

But…how does it work? You’re probably wondering.

Potential Street Team Members sign up here as a first step. Your information that you provide is accessible ONLY TO THE AUTHORS LISTED ABOVE. When one of these authors has a book that they are working on a release for, they will compare the list of potential Street Team Members to what they are releasing, and invite the members that they think will be a good match for the book to be on a Street Team. The invitation will include information about the book, the author’s expectations from street team members, an outline/project calendar for the Street Team, and any other pertinent information. The invited reader may accept or decline. No questions asked. No harm, no foul. Anyone who provides their information on the Street Team Member Sign-Up Form is never under any obligation to accept any invitation.

However, to clarify further, here are some things you should know before clicking on the link and signing up:

  1. Potential Street Team Members should read the sign-up form thoroughly before providing their information.
  2. Street Team Members must have social media accounts where they can promote the books they are on the team for (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Litsy, Goodreads, TikTok, etc.).
  3. Street Team Members will be given posting guidelines and calendars by the author(s). Expectations of when and how to post about the book will be communicated on the invitations sent out by author(s).
  4. Graphics for social media may be provided by the author(s) for Street Team Members to use in their promo posts.
  5. ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy) cannot be shared with anyone except Street Team Members who have been chosen to be on a particular campaign.
  6. Street Team Members must read the entire ARC before promoting the book or continuing with the campaign. If they are unable to do so, they should let the author(s) know they cannot participate.
  7. Problems with a book, an author, imprint, publisher, etc., must be addressed internally. Negative public comments about a book/author/imprint/publisher/Street Team Member, will result in immediate removal from the program.
  8. Bullying/Harassment will not be tolerated at all. We will adopt a zero-tolerance policy.
  9. Street Team Members must sign up with the email address they intend to use for the length of time they are in the program. If a member has to change their email address, they must notify the program leaders immediately and have the email address approved before continuing with the program.
  10. Street Team Members are an extension of the author(s) and imprints/publishers. They must act accordingly, but also make it clear that they are not employed by the author(s) and imprints/publishers and no one but the Street Team Members are liable for their statements, actions, or behaviors.
  11. Street Team Members are not compensated financially or materially. They will be provided ARCs of books for FREE (ebook and/or hardcopy), and may receive swag from author(s), but these teams are volunteer only.
  12. All information provided to Street Team Members is confidential and should not be shared with anyone who is not part of the program or campaign.
  13. Using the sign-up form and providing your information does not guarantee that you will ever be invited to be on a Street Team. Who is invited to be part of a team is solely up to the author(s)/imprint(s)/publisher(s) discretion.

Now, hopefully, you have read these bullet points and have a fairly good understanding of what a Street Team is and what to expect if you sign up and are invited to be on a team.

If this sounds like something that interests you, click the graphic below and get started. Ican’t wait to see you on our Street Teams and work with you on making great books into bestsellers!

Tremendous Love & Thanks,