Street Teams

In a joint effort with Tiffany C. Lewis, Thomas Allen, and The Lion Fish Press we’re building a program for Street Teams!

What is a “Street Team,” you ask? Well, a Street Team is a group–a team if you will–of readers who have read a book in advance of its release, and help to promote and hype it up before, during, and after its release date.

This is where you might come into play!

If you want an opportunity to read amazing books – BEFORE ANYONE ELSEFOR FREE – and help promote them so other Super Readers discover them easily, this might be a great program for you!

So…how do I do this? You may be asking yourself.

It’s simple. Fill out THE SIGN-UP FORM here. This will let these amazing authors know that you are interested, what your reading preferences are, what your social media and online presence is like, and you may be invited to be on a Street Team for one of their future releases.

If this sounds like something that interests you, click the graphic below and get started. Ican’t wait to see you on our Street Teams and work with you on making great books into bestsellers!

Tremendous Love & Thanks,


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