Since many will wonder why this recipe is not like what Remy makes in the movie by the same name…Remy makes a ratatouille that is a “tian” style. The vegetables are sliced and arranged in a beautiful circular/spiral pattern atop a tomato sauce. It’s delicious and wonderful! However, ratatouille, at its heart (and historically), was a rustic dish made with leftover vegetable scraps so to prevent waste. It was often considered a “poor man’s” meal. However, it is now considered a traditional, sophisticated French meal for all. Layers of flavors, textures, and seasoning make this a complex dish that is easy to make. Super healthy, full of vitamins and minerals, and crazy delicious, it’s a great vegan meal (if you don’t use chicken stock or wine with animal byproducts). If your family of two is big eaters (like mine), a big pot of ratatouille can easily provide dinner 3 nights out of the week, or be a great side dish for the entire week. Pair it with grilled meats (maybe atop rice or noodles?). It’s affordable and simple and only requires time. You’ll want to try this!

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