Magis & Maniacs (and Other Christmas Stories) – contributor

Available in ebook! Chase’s Story Contributions – Frank, A Surfer’s Christmas, A Christmas in Pajamas, and The IT Guy.


Adult – Christmas Anthology – LGBTQ+ Rep – Comedy – Romance

A collection of Christmas short stories from the authors at The Lion Fish Press

Chase Connor – author of A Surplus of Light and Between Enzo & the Universe

Frank – A disabled man has an unorthodox way of making a friend.
A Surfer’s Christmas – Characters from Chase Connor’s JUST A DUMB SURFER DUDE trilogy come home for the their first Christmas break during college.
A Christmas In Pajamas – Every marriage or family needs its first tradition. But when a man moves to the U.S. with very little money to live with his new husband, what could be their first tradition?
The IT Guy – Even Santa sometimes needs help with digitizing his Naughty or Nice List.

J.D. Wade – author of The Advisor and co-author of A Straight Line

A Broken Christmas – When they pull all of the decorations for the Christmas tree out of the attic a few days before Christmas, James and George find out that all of the antique ornaments James’ deceased mother left him are smashed to bits. How can George help mend James’ broken heart?
No Forwarding Address – Mysterious gifts keep arriving during the twelve days leading up to Christmas. Before he knows it, the recipient’s house is filled with partridges and turtledoves. What’s a guy to do?
The Bakery – Filling one final order before he can close up shop for the holidays, Ethan wonders what he’ll do for Christmas. When a handsome stranger shows up to collect the order, he quickly figures it out.

Mark Parsons – author of the upcoming Looking for America

The Snow Globe – One thought heard by a bauble can make a wish come true. But no wish comes without its price.
Ghost of Christmas Pleasant – Not all spirits come to warn a person of a terrible future that awaits if they do not change their ways. Some spirits want you to know that you’re doing A-OK.
Grounded – When his flight out of the North Pole is grounded due to a blizzard, an elf realizes he might not get home to see his family for Christmas.

Thomas Allen – author of the upcoming Working Wonders (The Legend of the Keepers Series Book 1)

Satan Is Not Amused – Satan’s tired of receiving all of the mail delivered to him by mistake. But it’s Christmas, after all. A lot of children will be disappointed if he ignores the letters. Even Satan has a heart once a year. But only if it benefits him.
No-Fucks-Giving – A group of friends meet every year between Christmas and Thanksgiving to catch up with each other. One year, three friends don’t show, leaving Nathan and Ariel to dine alone.
Magis and Maniacs – Drunken aunts and uncles, a drunk woman on the roof and under the tree, naked men in beach towels in the backyard, and the possibility of ending up on the nightly news would seem like a chaotic Christmas for some. For Sean, it’s an annual tradition.
No One Ordered A Stripper – Delivering toys to every kid in the world every single year means Santa is chin high in debt. Maybe it’s time he got a side hustle?

5-Star Reviews:

“Short stories with a winter holiday theme.

“I simply loved to revisit Cooper, made me want so much more of him and his world.”