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If you liked my books (or even if you didn’t) and you enjoy LGBTQ books, YA Books, NA Books, MMRomance, paranormal romance, and similar books, here are some recommendations for new authors and books you may want to try. There are so many more books/authors I plan to list in the future, but these are the ones I have read so far that I truly adore and think you will, too!

I listened to this charming audiobook, but I’m certain it’s wonderful in every format. An exemplary, heartwarming story about courage, learning to live, finding love, and knowing it’s never too late for any of it. Can’t recommend this one enough!
An excellently written LGBTQ+ slice-of-life YA!
A fun, exciting LGBTQ+ urban fantasy/romance!
A fast-paced, captivating who-dun-it in a real-world gritty setting. Straight cop/Gay cop will they or won’t they vibes throughout. Loved every second of this audiobook!
A fun, fast-paced paranormal detective series with great m/m representation. Characters you’ll easily fall in love with, and when the story is over, you’ll be dying to know what happens next!
A sweet age-gap M/M Romance with a HEA. What more could you want?
I listened to the audiobook version – gritty noir detective story with a gay male protagonist by the father of gay detective/mystery books. What’s not to love?
A very popular gay coming-of-age novel that follows the relationship of high school sweethearts over the course of 15 years. Highly recommend to anyone who loves LGBTQIA YA and NA!
A memoir of Josh Sabarra’s life in Hollywood. Funny, sad, endearing, heart-wrenching, poignant. Definite must read!
The second book in The Legend of the Keepers series by Thomas Allen. The books just keep getting better in this Urban Paranormal/Modern Fantasy/Horror series!
Awesome start to an Urban Paranormal/Modern Fantasy/Horror series! Can’t wait to find out more about all of these characters!
Awesome start to a Fantasy/Sci-Fi adventure trilogy!
The 8th and final story to Beaudoin’s BRYCE CAN PLAY series. SPICY!
A short collection of 5 short creepy, witty stories that are highly enjoyable!
A spooky romance with LGBTQ+ rep for Middle Grade and up!
Beaudoin keeps bringing the spicy – and I’m here for it!
An amazing LGBTQ historical coming-of-age fiction tale! If you’re into audiobooks, Brian Lore Evans, who narrated my book, A SURPLUS OF LIGHT, narrated the audiobook for this tale as well!
The next spicy entry to the BRYCE CAN PLAY series by Travis Beaudoin. I’m in awe of how he can fully flesh out characters in so few words!
A spine-tingling ghost story with a slow-burn romance, solid plot, and characters you will adore!
An enjoyable own voices LGBTQ YA Book with great music.
Another sexy read from Twitter’s own Travis Beaudoin. Ten flames for this one!
The 2nd book in the BRYCE CAN PLAY series. Just as hot and plot-filled as the first!
A slow-burn erotic LGBTQ short story for anyone who likes to be a little wild with their reading habits.
A great story of two men who meet in college, then try to reconnect many years later when their lives are much different.
A Christmas sequel to Dylan James’ GAY LOVE & OTHER FAIRY TALES. A very sweet Christmas tale that will get you in the Christmas spirit anytime of the year.
THE DANCING TURTLE by A.J. Stiles is an indie book I learned about on Twitter through a passing interaction with the author. I’m so glad that I paid attention and read this book. There are M/M romance elements to this story–but it’s so much more than that. This was like reading Gilbert, mixed with Hemingway, mixed with Theroux. It’s rare that a day goes by that my mind doesn’t take me to this book, its characters, and its setting of Brazil.
Return to Sender by Roberta Blablanski – MMRomance spanning decades, awesome slow-burner with characters you’ll adore.
A very sweet, fun LGBTQ YABooks with hearing impaired #ownvoices.
A very well-written MMRomance with lots of humor, melodrama, and a hot bookstore owner. What more do you want?
A fun, sexy M/M erotica short story. We all like being naughty from time to time.
A MMRomance that takes place 5 months into the zombie apocalypse. That’s all you need to know to want to read this book.
Whenever someone asks for a recommendation for a YA book featuring gay characters (that is not my own), this is the one I tell them about.
An intriguing fantasy adventure with peril and M/M romance. What more could you want?
A thrilling LGBTQ+ YA coming-of-age book – Dylan James’ 2nd YA Book!
An hilariously sexy romp parody of ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’. I laughed out loud reading this sexy tale.
A great LGBTQ+ late-in-life self-discovery, age-regression story.
An awesome M/M Romance with sharp, funny dialogue, laugh out loud moments, told in alternating POV, with unique character voices.
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