Are you LGBTQ+ and new to Twitter, or reading independent authors’ works? Are you looking for support on your journey to becoming an indie author, coming out, finding acceptance, or just looking for fun interactions in your day-to-day life? Here are some warm, welcoming, friendly, SAFE people I follow on Twitter. Not all of them are LGBTQ+, but if they aren’t, they’re amazing allies. They will make your day a lot brighter just by interacting with them!

Also – the title of this page is for fun – don’t forget the “QIA” people! We’re all one big family and should support each other. Of course, don’t forget ANYONE. As long as a person is kind, consider being their friend! Here are some people I love to follow who will help get you started on Twitter (in Twitter nickname alphabetical order):

Adam Wing

Amelia C. Wilson


Betsy Wilce

Cameron D. James

Chase Taylor Hackett

D.G. Alan

Dean Cole

Dylan James

Kent Victor Schuelke

Kevin Craig

Marcus Herzig

Mario Dell’Olio

Mark Parsons

Roberta Blablanski

Shawn Wesley Ballenger

Teresa Payne

Travis Beaudoin

Vince Hargrave

These are great people to start with on Twitter. If you’re one of my amazing Twitter friends and I didn’t include you, it’s most likely because I forgot (my brain is not great) or I wasn’t sure if you’d be okay with being included in this list. If you want to be on this list, feel free to use the “Contact Chase” link or scream at me on Twitter!