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7.23.21 – Today is Newsletter Day! Go check your inboxes or the Newsletter Archive! Did you see the first chapter preview of POSSIBLY TEXAS yet?

7.16.21 – We’re in the final 3 weeks before BRIEFLY BUDDIES is released! Have you pre-ordered your copy? Other news: have you looked into joining the Street Team program so you can read my books for FREE before they’re even released? Check this out! Additionally, The Lion Fish Press is in a period of open submissions for all writers who are interested! Check it out here!

7.9.21 – July 9th, Issue 14 Chase Connor Books Newsletter went out this morning. Make sure to check it out for information about upcoming books. Or check out the newsletter archive here. Have you preordered BRIEFLY BUDDIES yet? You don’t want to miss having it delivered to your device the morning of its release–it’s a funny, sexy, exciting story!

7.6.21BRIEFLY BUDDIES–an LGBTQ+ New Adult Erotic Comedy–is my next book that will be released. And, if you follow me on Twitter…you’ll know it’s available for pre-order now!

7.4.21 – A revelation tomorrow. Spilling some deets about a secret. Stay tuned…

7.2.21 – Newsletters went out today. They’re short, sweet, and to the point. Something is coming…

6.29.21 – Part 1 of “Listen To Your Elders” dropped today. Tomorrow and Thursday will be parts 2 & 3. I hope everyone enjoys reading the interview answers and takes something away from it.

6.28.21 – A three-part blog post is coming this week! Interviews with older LGBTQIA community members – Part 1 tomorrow, Part 2 Wednesday, and Part 3 on Thursday! I can’t wait to share these interviews with all of you!

6.26.21 – Still doing great at remembering to update my diary every day. LOL We’re 9 days from an announcement. Wonder what it could be…

6.18.21 – ARCs for my next release are gone out to Street Team members today! A book cover and title reveal for a 2022 book are happening at 10am, and the Chase Connor Books Newsletters are going out at 10:01am. That’s a lot. Phew. Happy Friday!

6.15.21 – Today is blog post day – and it’s all about what’s to come in 2022! The ENZO sequel, THE WARMTH OF OUR CLOSEST STAR, POSSIBLY, TEXAS, and TGatDC (full title will be revealed on Twitter soon!). I can’t wait for 2022! In the meantime…Friday will be a big day on Twitter. Two big announcements…

6.4.21 – Today is Newsletter Day! Check your inboxes! If you haven’t signed up for the Chase Connor Books Newsletter yet, you can do so here. Or you can check out the Newsletter Archive here.

6.2.21HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! For 30 days I’m going to be unbearably gay. Also, the Street Team for my next release is nearly finalized. More information will be going out to the final members in the next few days. I can’t wait to work with everyone on this really fun, sexy story!

5.29.21 – Street Team invitations went out today! I’ve invited several Super Readers to join my team for the release of my next book. More to come on which book that is…later.

5.24.21 – Tomorrow is blog post day! Gonna fill everyone in on what’s been going with me, hint at what’s to come, and…PRIDE IS COMING!

5.22.21 – Yesterday was Newsletter Day! If you aren’t signed up, you can sign up here or access the Newsletter Archive here. Also…have you heard about the Street Teams program yet? Hmmmmm?

5.3.21 – Just 4 more days until The Red Rooster Tavern is open for business. Something big is coming. Make sure you’re signed up for the Chase Connor Books Newsletter. <insert evil grin here>

4.23.21 – Today is newsletter day on Chase Connor Books! If you’re signed up, check your inbox! If you’re not, why not? Also, you can check out the newsletter archive here if that is more your speed. Happy Friday!

4.20.21 – New blog post today. Newsletters go out on Friday the 23rd…lots of interesting things coming. Don’t forget MURDER AT THE RED ROOSTER TAVERN (JMI7) comes out on May 7th!

4.9.21 – It’s newsletter day! If you’ve signed up for the newsletter, check your inboxes! Or you can access the newsletter archive here.

4.4.21 – I’m still horrible at updating my diary regularly…but blue envelopes are going out this next week (or so I’m told) to the winners of the Chase Connor Books giveaway! Twelve winners will receive an envelope that includes a Chase Connor Books bookmark, a The Juice from Jude sticker, and a The Red Rooster Tavern sticker. Use them…however you se fit. Happy Easter!

3.26.21MURDER AT THE RED ROOSTER TAVERN, book 7 in the A Point Worth LGBTQ Paranormal Romance Series (Jacob Michaels Is…) is now available for pre-order! Coming May 7th!

3.19.21 – It’s newsletter day! So much news! JMI 7 – MURDER AT THE RED ROOSTER TAVERN is coming May 7th, new book recommendations, the Chase Connor Books Merch Store is back! Check your inboxes or head on over to the Newsletter Archive!

3.12.21 – Am I getting better at updating my diary? Not at all. However, I do have news that while we are switching paperbacks from the 6×9 option to 5×8, all books moving forward (save one exception) will also have a hardback option on release day. Yay!

3.5.21WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS is now available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon! Issue 5 of the Chase Connor Books Newsletter just went out – if you subscribe, check it out for fun info about WWGF, book recommendations, and upcoming JMI 7 news!

3.4.21 – I’m so bad at updating my diary! Ahhhhhhhhhh! However, WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS drops tomorrow! FINALLY! The day has arrived! Also, Chase Connor Books Newsletters go out tomorrow–and it has info about WWGF, obviously. But it also contains interesting info about A Point Worth LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance Book 7, as well as how to get some free book swag in the future! So many great things on the way!

2.22.21 – We’re getting closer to the March 5th release date of WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS! I cannot wait to share this story with all of you!

2.20.21 – In case you hadn’t heard the news, The Lion Fish Press has priced all of my ebooks (including the upcoming WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS) at $2.99. Until the pandemic is better managed and the world isn’t such a dumpster fire, they’re going to keep all books at the lowest price they can.

2.19.21 – Chase Connor Books Newsletter went out this morning! Yay! My apologies to all of the subscribers. I didn’t know that today would also be the day that Amazon would send out notifications about WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS to everyone who follows me there. So…Amazon and I double-teamed you. Apologies again. Unless you’re into that.

2.14.21 – Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my reader-friends! I hope you are snuggled up with a special someone, or treating yo’ self to something special if not!

2.8.21 – A lot of interesting and exciting things in the works. None I can talk about. AHHHHHHHHHH!

2.4.21 – Issue 3 of the Chase Connor Books Newsletter drops at 12:01 AM tomorrow! Make sure to check your inboxes! Of course, you can always access the newsletter in the archive, as well!

1.29.21 – It’s Friday! I hope everyone is ready to have a fun and relaxing weekend. Nothing new to report, I suppose. New blog post on Tuesday, newsletter on the 5th, WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS coming on March 5th. Lots of things in the works!

1.27.21 – Still doing great on updating the ole diary, as you can see. LOL! Yesterday, The Lion Fish Press and I announced that my next New Adult M/M LGBTQ+ erotica story – BRIEFLY BUDDIES – will be released in 2021. When…don’t know yet. Stay tuned! Don’t forget that WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS (coming March 5th) is available for pre-order on Amazon!

1.19.21 – I’ve been in full-on writing mode for several days. Lots of things in the works like always. Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day in the U.S. (:::happy face:::), and maybe more book news coming in the following days. We’ll see…

1.13.21 – BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE was on Love Bytes (LGBTQ Book Reviews) Best of 2020 List! A SURPLUS OF LIGHT has received a 5-star review from Reading Under the Rainbow – and they’ve also given A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF NORMAL a 5-star review! Check it all out!

1.7.21 – I’ve compiled a list of all of the free short stories and chapters that are available to read on Chase Connor Books. You can find them all by CLICKING HERE and getting your read on!

1.3.21WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS is now available for preorder on Amazon!

1.3.21 – For those who don’t get the Chase Connor Books Newsletter and/or don’t follow me on Twitter…big news was announced! WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS, my new LGBTQ+ YABook, will be released March 5th, 2021! Also…MURDER AT THE RED ROOSTER TAVERN (A Point Worth LGBTQ Paranormal Romance) — the 7th book in the JACOB MICHAELS IS… series — will be released May 7th, 2021! Pre-order details coming soon!

1.1.21 – HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY FRIENDS! Out with 2020 and in with 2021! If you’re a newsletter subscriber, make sure to check your inbox. There’s some new year news for all of you…

12.29.20 – New blog post today: “What’s To Come?” So…Christmas is behind us. Working on revamping the Chase Connor Books Newsletter – which will be sent out on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month starting January 1st, 2021. More news on the way!

12.22.20 – A little “invitation” will be posted to Twitter today. Watch for it. 😉

12.21.20 – Once again, I come to you, begging forgiveness for not updating my diary nearly often enough. Tomorrow is a Christmas post with a little gift from me to you, some of my favorite Christmas recipes (perfect for quarantine), my favorite Christmas movies…and my normal rambling. Hope you all enjoy! And if we don’t “talk” again before Christmas–I hope your day is merry, bright, happy, and healthy! All the love and hugs from me to you!

12.10.20 – Well…a lot going on with the holidays–and life in general. However, when it comes to Chase Connor Books, things are full steam ahead into the coming new year! In a few weeks, there will be a post outlining what’s to come in the future. The covers for books seven and eight in the A POINT WORTH LGBTQ PARANORMAL ROMANCE series might be revealed in that post…

12.6.20 – So much is going on, my friends! More to come in a blog post at the end of the month, but in the meantime, have you signed up for the newsletter yet???

11.27.20 – I will never train myself to update my diary daily! AHHHHHH! HA! Well, my NaNo goal was reached in the wee hours of the 19th. MAGIS AND MANIACS: AND OTHER CHRISTMAS STORIES comes out 12.1.20 (just 4 short days!). Right now, I’m working on loose ends of projects for 2021, writing a bit here and there on POSSIBLY, TEXAS, and finally breaking ground on a bookshelf insert diorama! So exciting!

11.18.20 – Things are still going well with POSSIBLY, TEXAS, my NaNoWriMo project. I’ll be coming up on my goal of 50k words very soon. Then there’ll be decisions to make. I know the book won’t be done at 50k – not by a long shot – but do I continue with NaNo through November and see how much I can get done…or move on to something else? I planned to blog about 4 weeks of NaNo, but seeing that I won’t need the full 4 weeks to hit 50k, I just don’t know. Tune in and find out next Tuesday!

11.15.20 – Still deep in NaNoWriMo, my friends. So far, so good…but there’ll be a lot to blog about on Tuesday!

11.13.20 – We’re deep into NaNoWriMo! Yay! Things are coming along great with POSSIBLY, TEXAS, and other things I’m working with on the side. Can’t wait to share my next story with all of you. Speaking of which, MAGIS AND MANIACS: AND OTHER CHRISTMAS STORIES, a Christmas short story from The Lion Fish Press will be out 12.1.20 (1.12.20). Pre-order here! I contributed four stories!

11.3.20 – No new blog post today, my friends. Make sure you practice plenty of self care today! All the hugs and love!

11.1.20 – NaNoWriMo started at 12:01am CST for me today! So far, so good! Wish me luck, my friends!

10.30.20 – HALLOWEEN IS TOMORROW! YAY! I’m so excited! Tomorrow is a guest blog post from Thomas Allen (a.k.a. Allen T. St. Clair, the publisher/owner of The Lion Fish Press) and is the first chapter from his January 15th, 2021 future release, WORKING WONDERS (THE LEGEND OF THE KEEPERS SERIES BOOK ONE). I think you’re all really going to LOVE this one! Tonight, I’ll be watching Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy reunite as The Sanderson Sisters for NYRP’s Hulaween! If you’re watching as well, make sure to tweet at me!

10.26.20 – There is nothing new to report today, but I’m trying to become a better diary updater. Is that a word? Updater? Hmmmm. Halloween is coming in FIVE DAYS! And NaNo begins at Midnight on November 1st! So much excitement! I can’t wait!

10.24.20 – So, I’ve decided that since NaNo is coming up soon, all of November’s blogs will be a diary of my journey through my second NaNo experience. This should be interesting…

10.18.20 – I’m not getting better at updating this page, but today you can find an interview with me on Rebellion Lit!

10.9.20 – I swear that I’m going to get more consistent with updating my “diary!” LOL Currently, I’m outlining my project for NaNoWriMo (which starts November 1st), though I’ll probably deviate greatly when the first day of writing begins. I’m working on finishing up a few other small writing projects as well – I want to take a few weeks off at the end of October to read and relax. Blog posts coming this month include how to make multiple POV work in stories and how to outline a character driven story. I think I’ll blog about my NaNoWriMo experience throughout November. However, next week’s blog post is going to be a repeat of something I did last year. I’ll be running a poll to see which of my projects you’d like to read most in 2021. The Lion Fish Press is letting me (once again) leave it up to the readers to decide what my first release in 2021 will be! Yay! Keep your eyes open!

10.4.20 – The audiobook for BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE dropped on the 29th, A STRAIGHT LINE dropped on the 25th, and the JMI Omnibus dropped on the 18th. I’m so tired! HA! Now I am working on outlining and prepping for NaNoWriMo, which I haven’t done since 2018. I’ve got a few buddies, a solid idea–and I’m actually really excited to tackle this project. I have a lot of great ideas (IMO), and I can’t wait until the day I have this written and ready to share with all of you!

9.29.20 – The audiobook for BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE dropped today! I’m so excited!

9.28.20 – This last week saw A STRAIGHT LINE drop – and I’m so excited you can all finally get your hands on it. I love the story J.D. Wade and I told about A Straight Line, Harry, Vic, Russ, Denny, and the rest! Tomorrow, the audiobook for BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE (read by Brian Lore Evans and published by Tantor Media) drops! You will be able to find it on Tantor’s site or through Amazon/Audible. Links will be in a blog post about the audiobook tomorrow!

9.17.20 – Tomorrow, JACOB MICHAELS IS… THE OMNIBUS EDITION drops in ebook, paperback, and hardback formats. I can’t for everyone to get all 6 books and the short story, CARNAVAL, in one chonky tome – with a beautiful cover by Dean Cole! Watch Twitter and Facebook for links!

9.12.20 – Chase Connor Books is now on Facebook! You can also find me there! Click here to be taken to the Facebook page.

9.5.20JACOB MICHAELS IS… THE OMNIBUS EDITION, A STRAIGHT LINE, and the audiobook of BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE (read by Brian Lore Evans) all come out this month! Ahhhhhhhh! I’m so excited. Also, thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year…but first I need to outline. More news to come!

8.30.20 – Ha! I remembered to update my diary this weekend! We’re moving into September, my reader friends–and that means there will be so many hours of enjoyable reading ahead of us! JMI Omnibus and A Straight Line will be released on the 18th and 25th, respectively. And the audiobook for Between Enzo & the Universe will come out on the 29th through Tantor Media. I’m super excited to share all of these projects with you. As far as something you may not know about…during September, I’m going to work on something special to share with you all for FREE through the website. I can’t say much now, but maybe you’ll have something FREE to read for Halloween? Let’s see what happens…

8.25.20 – Once again, I have to apologize for being so lax in updating my diary. A STRAIGHT LINE is available for pre-order now. JACOB MICHAELS IS… THE OMNIBUS EDITION is available for pre-order as well, and the BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE audiobook will be available 9.29.20! I can’t wait! Paperbacks for JMI Omnibus and A STRAIGHT LINE will be available on release day. The hardback version of JMI Omnibus will be available on release day as well!

8.3.20 – We’re working on getting A STRAIGHT LINE up for pre-order on Amazon for everyone! We’ve added tags underneath each book on CHASE CONNOR BOOKS so it’s easier for everyone to find the format/language that they want for each book. Soon, we’re going to overhaul all of the suggested authors/books pages so it is a more streamlined experience for all of you as well. Can’t wait!

7.24.20 – Gah! I’m so bad about updating my diary! I’ll try to be better, my reader friends! Regardless, we’re more than halfway through the year (and what a year it’s been) and the rest of the year is mapped out in regards to my book releases. A STRAIGHT LINE, the book I co-authored with J.D. Wade will be released…soon(ish)? A BOY CALLED NEVER will be released. I will have some stories in The Lion Fish Press Christmas Compilation (MAGIS and MANIACS). The audiobook of BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE will drop through Tantor Media on 9.29.20 (narrated by the phenomenal Brian Lore Evans), and Spanish and Portuguese translations of A SURPLUS OF LIGHT are on their way as well. Phew. Hopefully, 2021 will be a less busy, but just as exciting year! I did hint at something fun that will happen next year after all. Well, not so much a hint as a statement? I can’t wait to share everything with all of you!

6.22.20 – So, release day for A MILLION LITTLE SOULS has come and gone. And on to the next project. Such is the life of a writer, yes? J.D. Wade and I are working with The Lion Fish Press to finalize a gay romance book called A STRAIGHT LINE. If you hop over to the blog, you’ll be able to see the cover, synopsis, and read an excerpt from the book. J.D. and I are super excited to share this story about cross-generational community and friendship, love, and pride. Can’t wait!

6.3.20 – Just two more days until A MILLION LITTLE SOULS drops on Amazon. It is currently available for preorder in ebook format, and the paperback format will be available on 6.5.20. I’m so excited to share this story with all of you!

5.28.20 – Just 8 days left until A MILLION LITTLE SOULS drops! I’m so excited to share this LGBTQ+ YA Fantasy story with all of you! Tick tock tick tock…

5.19.20 – A special sneak peak at A MILLION LITTLE SOULS may be around the corner…

5.15.20 – We’re exactly 3 weeks until A MILLION LITTLE SOULS drops! I’m so excited. This LGBTQ+ YA Contemporary Fantasy is something I think everyone from young teens to adults will really enjoy. If you’ve read the blurb, but need more help deciding if you will like it, think THE PAGEMASTER x THE BREAKFAST CLUB with LGBTQ+ rep. In discussions with the folks at The Lion Fish Press, we’ve decided that this book will only be available in ebook and paperback formats for now…though, another format might be available in the future. Eep! I’ve already said too much!

5.9.20 – I’ve seriously got to get better about updating my diary! AHHHH! We’re running down the end stretch to the release of A MILLION LITTLE SOULS (June 5th, 2020), and I’m busy working on other projects. More to come soon in regards to sneak peeks into AMLS!

4.21.20 – I just realized that the 1 year anniversary of my blogging here at passed on the 16th and I didn’t even acknowledge it. I blame Rona. Anyway…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY?

4.15.20 – Still plodding away, working on a book for 2022. We’re a month and a half away from A MILLION LITTLE SOULS being released. By the beginning of May there should be pre-order links and more information for everyone who is interested. I can’t wait to share this story with all of you!

4.2.20 – Until COVID-19 self-isolation/social-distancing/quarantine regulations are relaxed, I’m going back to blogging once a week (maybe more). Something to dull your brains and keep your minds off of the current pandemic at least for a few minutes once a week.

3.30.20 – Well, a few things have been announced since I last updated “Chase’s Diary.” In case you haven’t heard, the English non-dramatic reading audio rights for BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE were acquired by Tantor Media and they will be producing an English-language audiobook for it. I don’t have a time frame for when it will be released, but I’ll definitely let everyone know as soon as I am allowed. Also, The Lion Fish Press announced yesterday that my next LGBTQ+ YA book, A MILLION LITTLE SOULS will be released on June 5th, 2020! You can click on the link to see the cover, read the blurb, and see a promo video. I’m so excited to share this story with all of you!

3.15.20 – This last week/weekend I’ve been working on outlining and starting the rough draft to a future release titled THE WARMTH OF OUR CLOSEST STAR. It will be the sequel to BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE. It’s about 2 years before it will be released under The Lion Fish Press and we have lots of great Chase Connor Books between now and then. However, a 2-year time frame will give us plenty of time to make the sequel just as good or better. Exciting news still on the way. Tick tock tick tock…

3.8.20 – Some very exciting and interesting news is in the future for Chase Connor Books. Developments on the audiobook front, more writing being done…things are going to get exciting!

3.1.20 – Still writing on the February 2022 project and in various stages of editing for various books. Still waiting on the “all clear” to share some exciting news about my next release with all of you. Another Chase Connor Book might get the audiobook treatment within in the next few months…

2.25.20 – Another Chase Connor Book might be getting the audiobook treatment. We’ll see what happens. Currently, I’m still working on that book for February 2022. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I have some exciting news of some kind to share with everyone…

2.19.20 – Currently working on the first draft of a new book (publish date February 2022) and working on a short story for a collection The Lion Fish Press is putting together for Christmas 2020. A MILLION LITTLE SOULS is still getting tweaked and fluffed by the Fairy Godmother, so maybe we’ll have news before too long…

1.31.20 – We’re currently working on getting A MILLION LITTLE SOULS polished and as perfect as possible. It will be a few months, but I can’t wait to bring this young adult sci-fi fantasy story to all of you!

1.28.20 – I’ve been so bad about updating my diary! January 2020 has seen the release of BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE on the 14th, and JACOB MICHAELS IS DEAD dropped today! Jeez! All in one month. Fortunately, if you are feeling some Chase Connor Books burnout, I don’t have another release scheduled with The Lion Fish Press until April (A MILLION LITTLE SOULS). You have time to recuperate. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up with any news and check in the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of February and March for blog posts here on the website. In February, I’ll be writing about reviews being weaponized against writers and one of the scariest things a writer can experience (creatively). It should be a good month for blog posts!

1.10.20 – Next week, at the end of the first full blog post of 2020, I’m debuting the NEW and IMPROVED cover for a book I have coming out in April through The Lion Fish Press. I can’t wait to share it!

1.7.20 – 2019 is behind us, and my writer’s vacation is over, so, I am back into full-on edit and writing mode. Two new stories have been brewing in my head for a few months (and have been pitched to and accepted by The Lion Fish Press), so while I’m getting the “skeletons” of those stories figured out, I’m working on edits for future books concurrently. I can’t make things easy on myself. LOL This year is going to see the release of BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE (a week from today!), JACOB MICHAELS IS DEAD (3 weeks from today!), ONE BRICK KINGDOM, A BOY CALLED NEVER, A MILLION LITTLE SOULS, and IT MEANS SOMETHING DIFFERENT, as well as a book I co-authored with J.D. Wade, A STRAIGHT LINE! It’s going to be a big year! Happy New Year!