Chase's Diary

1.31.20 – We’re currently working on getting A MILLION LITTLE SOULS polished and as perfect as possible. It will be a few months, but I can’t wait to bring this young adult sci-fi fantasy story to all of you!

1.28.20 – I’ve been so bad about updating my diary! January 2020 has seen the release of BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE on the 14th, and JACOB MICHAELS IS DEAD dropped today! Jeez! All in one month. Fortunately, if you are feeling some Chase Connor Books burnout, I don’t have another release scheduled with The Lion Fish Press until April (A MILLION LITTLE SOULS). You have time to recuperate. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up with any news and check in the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of February and March for blog posts here on the website. In February, I’ll be writing about reviews being weaponized against writers and one of the scariest things a writer can experience (creatively). It should be a good month for blog posts!

1.10.20 – Next week, at the end of the first full blog post of 2020, I’m debuting the NEW and IMPROVED cover for a book I have coming out in April through The Lion Fish Press. I can’t wait to share it!

1.7.20 – 2019 is behind us, and my writer’s vacation is over, so, I am back into full-on edit and writing mode. Two new stories have been brewing in my head for a few months (and have been pitched to and accepted by The Lion Fish Press), so while I’m getting the “skeletons” of those stories figured out, I’m working on edits for future books concurrently. I can’t make things easy on myself. LOL This year is going to see the release of BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE (a week from today!), JACOB MICHAELS IS DEAD (3 weeks from today!), ONE BRICK KINGDOM, A BOY CALLED NEVER, A MILLION LITTLE SOULS, and IT MEANS SOMETHING DIFFERENT, as well as a book I co-authored with J.D. Wade, A STRAIGHT LINE! It’s going to be a big year! Happy New Year!