Black Authors To Read

Below, I’ve created a list of books by Black authors that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed–as well as books that are on my TBR that sound amazing. As with my other book recommendations pages, this will be an ongoing list, with books by Black authors being added to it as I read and enjoy more. Any indies written by Black indie authors will also appear on the LGBTCrew Books page.

A behind-the-scenes look at the workplace politics that happen in public libraries. All the gossip, scandals, and interpersonal relationships the workers of an NYC public library experience. Smith writes believable, relatable, and diverse characters into a story that is fast-paced and so much fun!
A book of stories about racism, microaggressions–at all times funny (both in “ha-ha” and “I can’t believe this shit” ways), but also without losing its poignancy. Everyone needs to read this book.
A short collection of 5 creepy, witty stories that were highly enjoyable!
This book by Angie Thomas also appears in my Suggested Reading List. A harrowing (and at times charming) look at the life of a young Black girl who experiences first-hand racial injustice and police brutality, and her journey to stand up and be heard..
Another book from my Suggest Reading List. A story about a black woman and the importance of finding your own voice, not being defined by a man or a relationship, and reclaiming one’s identity and individuality, regardless of the obstacles put in one’s path. Adore this book.
Most everyone has heard of this story due to the movie adaptation by Steven Spielberg. However, the book is more richer, layered, and delves into the lives of Black women in the early 20th century in rural Georgia. Told in prose, through the voice of the protagonist, Celie, this is a book you won’t be able to put down.
Roxanne Gay’s memoir, she discusses in essay style about self image, anxiety, depression, and self-worth, all tied to a violent incident in her past. Breathtaking.
A thrilling, harrowing, edge-of-your-seat murder mystery thrilled. This is the first book in Lewis’ Michael Taylor Series.
This memoir of a black trans woman was given to me by a friend. Mock details her life growing up as multiracial, poor, and trans in America. A must read for all.
This book was also handed to me by a friend. The story of a marriage between 2 Black Americans torn apart by a broken justice system and their inner struggles with their identities in America.
Both A Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award Winner, Whitehead’s book follows two slaves, Cora and Caesar, as they use the Underground Railroad to escape to freedom in the north, doing all they can to avoid a relentless slave owner.
A hilariously funny, but touchingly poignant memoir told in essay format, Arceneaux’s book tells the story of growing up Black and LGBTQ+ in America.
A superbly written YA Fantasy novel about a young girl who needs to bring magic back to her land to overthrow a ruthless monarch.
I have not read this book yet, but I recently purchased a Kindle copy due to the fact that a Twitter friend saying he was going to read it, and I hoped we’d do a “Buddy Read” together. If anyone reads this book, I will make sure to update this with my thoughts once I’ve read it!
A poignant look at a young Black man in America who experiences racism, violence, and a broken justice system first hand. This is one I wanted to put down due to the heavy subject matter, but found that I couldn’t. Equal parts heartbreaking and uplifting.
A great short story from Samyra Alexander that is equal parts funny and heartbreaking. Alexander takes us into the life of a Black woman struggling with bulimia and love. If you’re looking for a great 1-hour read that will stick with you, I highly recommend this one.
LGBT African American fiction written by an LGBT African American author about the struggle to defy racism, discrimination, and economic inequity to achieve one’s dreams.
A confessional, free-prose style novelette about faith, family, disabilities, and learning to love. Highly recommend.
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