AQFQ: Travis Beaudoin

1. What draws you to write erotica?

A lot of us, especially LGBTQ+ folk, are taught to be ashamed of our desires.  Celebrating sex—or just acknowledging the power it has, even when it’s not purely benign—can be an act of liberation. Also, just as important, I’m interested in it. It’s fun. 

2. What makes your stories stand out?

A lot of eroticists care mostly about what happens during sex. I try to focus on the characters, especially the dynamic between them.  Sex can be empowering, but it’s also a very vulnerable thing. I spend a lot of time thinking about those psychological and emotional aspects.

3. When did you start writing, and why?

How I got started writing erotica is a long story, although I really only began publishing a couple years ago. (In short, I started out ghostwriting M/M romance novels, then eventually went off on my own.) I’ve always loved sharing stories, though. Thank my family for that. 

4.  What is a goal you have as an author?

When I said talking about sex was liberating, I meant it! I don’t think of myself as a freedom fighter—I’m not Gandhi or Sojourner Truth. But I love the idea of helping someone feel more comfortable with their identity or desires, especially if I can turn them on while doing it.

5. What should readers expect from you next?

My first novel, a steamy romance titled Too Like the Lightning came out on March 4. I’ll start a new novel soon, but for now, I’m working on a few interconnected erotic shorts. Some are tiny romances, and some go darker. That’s another thing I love about erotica: the freedom to explore!

Travis Beaudoin spent most of his life traveling, only to end up in Nowhere, Virginia, twenty minutes from where he was born.  He shares a big old farmhouse with an unbelievably supportive husband, a terrorist cat, and the world’s most neurotic dog. He is nerdy about lots of things, including classical rhetoric, the lives of the saints, Egyptian mythology, Shakespeare, and the Muppets. Nevertheless, he is fun at parties. 
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