AQFQ: Syntell Smith

  1. What should readers expect when they pick up one of your books?

They should expect to read a unique story that hopefully captivates them.

2. What is your ultimate goal as an author?

My ultimate goal is to be remembered by as many people as possible as a storyteller and hope to inspire others to write and tell their stories.

3. What is a recurring theme in your books?

I like to insert a lot of pop-culture references in my stories to help people associate the story with a popular date and time.

4. What does literary success look like to you?

Success would be a certain place in history where I could be remembered by my peers and readers as one of the influential writers of my era.

5. What should readers expect from you next?

I’m finishing the third book of my Call Numbers series, and then I have a new series I plan to debut, as well as several standalone novels in the near future.

Syntell Smith was born and raised in Washington Heights, Upper Manhattan, in New York City. He graduated from Samuel Gompers High School and began writing while blogging about his hectic everyday life experiences in 2004. He loves comic books, video games, and watching reruns of Law and Order. He currently lives in Detroit. CALL NUMBERS is his first novel. Syntell is active on Facebook and Twitter. All of his links can be found at:

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