AQFQ: Mark Parsons

1. First things first…why has it taken so long for LOOKING FOR AMERICA to come out?

Man, it’s been a struggle. Things were on course back in 2020, but then the pandemic hit, I got COVID, and I’ve been dealing with long COVID, I had some family emergencies, and life has kicked me in the keister numerous times in the last two years. Lion Fish Press has been patient and compassionate and worked with me to get me through my personal struggles and we’re back on track. We should finally see my debut novel’s release in 2023.

2. Give us an idea of what LOOKING FOR AMERICA is about.

Looking for America is a romance travel novel. A romantic/sexual entanglement that happens on a road trip across the southwest and along the west coast. The main character is on a road trip in hopes of self-discovery and has what is supposed to be a one-night stand with another man, and they end up on the journey together. Lots of beautiful descriptions, romance, and an HFN for those who might wonder.

3. This is your debut novel. Have you ever written before?

Nothing professionally. Like a lot of writers, I’ve written all of my life. Stories. Poems. Free-form little things that really defy categorizing. Diaries. Journals. My thoughts and whatnot, working towards figuring out what kind of writing suits me. I think I finally landed on my voice with Looking for America and I hope it resonates with readers. We’ll find out when it releases.

4. Are you going to become more active on Twitter, because your online presence is almost nonexistent?

LOL! I’ve never been a social media type of guy. It’s a foreign concept to me. In fact, I’m somewhat repulsed by social media. The oversharing, the competition to have the coolest life, eat the coolest thing, or get the neatest picture, and fight over politics and social issues doesn’t appeal to me. Like most of the authors with Lion Fish Press, I’m social media adverse. I’m working on getting into it, though. By the time Looking for America comes out, I’ll be posting as regularly as I can force myself.

5. What are your authorly/writing plans for the future?

If Looking for America does well enough to justify it, I’d love to release my next book with Lion Fish Press. I’ve been slowly working on it while I’ve been out of commission for the last two years. Hopefully, my first book will do well, my second will be picked up, and it will be released as well. Beyond that, I don’t have a plan for writing. I’m going to just let things fall into place as they’re supposed to. We’ll know more in 2023.

Mark Parsons is an LGBTQ+ fiction writer based in Dallas, Texas. His debut novel, LOOKING FOR AMERICA, will debut with The Lion Fish Press later in 2023. He can be found on Twitter or via email at

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