AQFQ: Dylan James

1. What is your favorite genre to write?​​

Years ago I would have said the smutty stuff because of all the boinking, but I’ve really come around to the young adult stuff. I think I like diving deep into emotions and inner conflict (no boinking needed), which is something YA is primed for.​​​

2. Where do you get your ideas?​​

I’m not super sure, but it’s probably from movies and TV. We watch a lot of queer coming-of-age stuff and so I tend to get ideas from there–like if the writers would have explored this other idea, what would it have looked like?​​ I also like exploring opposites. Quite often my romantic leads are very different people. In Drag Queens, Emo Teens, and Big Dreams, not only are the two leads opposites, but the main lead has two opposites within himself–he’s a drag queen and a football star.​​

3. What is your biggest goal as an author?​​

To make readers cry. I know you like to do that through character deaths, Chase, but for myself, it tends to be through the realization of self-worth and unwavering love.​​

4. What kind of stories inspire you?​​

Anything that digs deep into characters and sees them struggle through adversity to come out on top.​​

5. What should readers expect from you next?​​

Gay Love and Other Big Disasters (AKA Gay Love 3) is coming out soonish. After that is Nobody Loves an Incubus (AKA Frankenstein 2). I’ve also got loose ideas for Frankenstein 3, Gay Love 4, Drag Queens 2, and Drag Queens 3 (a lesbian Drag Kings spin-off). I’ve also got a YA gay horror loosely planned. I’d love to write more boinking books, but they tend to be a lower priority lately.​ Long term, I’d also like to get into thrillers along the lines of James Rollins. I’ve already got a cast of characters and some globe-spanning mysteries-like the doomed Franklin Expedition in Northern Canada and how it could be linked to a historic quilt in Australia and an anthrax-laden deer in Russia, and how it might all lead to the end of the world… or the historical visitation of Vikings to what’s now Newfoundland and how it could be linked to an Irish monk’s visit to Newfoundland centuries earlier and a possible Vatican undercover spy among the Vikings, and how (again) it might all lead to the end of the world.

Cameron D. James writes gay smutty-smut as Cameron and heartwarming non-smut gay YA ​as Dylan James. Along with his husband, he runs a publishing company with four imprints--Deep Desires Press, Deep Hearts YA, Dreamsphere Books, and Prairie Heart Press. When not buried in books, Cameron enjoys cooking, movies, and watching guys on TikTok. He also has a very unhealthy Star Trek addiction.​​ Dylan’s YA books can be found here:

​Cameron’s smutty-smut books can be found here:​

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