AQFQ: Ace Jamerson

1. What is your debut novel going to be about?

A FIRECRACKER WISH is a new adult, slice-of-life enby rep, LGBTQ+ romance featuring mental health struggles, chasing dreams, found family, and discovering where you belong.

2. What inspired you to start writing?

I started writing to express thoughts and emotions I wasn’t able to express verbally due to my family situation. Writing has gotten me through some really tough times, so I’m grateful for the ability. Plus, it’s fun!

3. What should readers expect when they read your work?

LGBTQ+ characters, always enby rep, rampant emotion, humor, and angst. Oh, and references, metaphors, and probably coffee, and a bit of swearing too. LOL

4. What inspires you to write most?

People who need representation. I want readers to be able to see themselves in my characters and stories. Also, the lives of the characters that live in my head, personal experiences and dreams, and reading books by authors I love and admire.

5. What should readers expect next from you?

I’ve got a few things in the works. My first short horror story featuring an enby MC, a WIP that involves hockey, and a manuscript that heavily features all my favorite music that needs some fine-tuning yet to be ready to query. 

Ace Jamerson is an enby, queer author who grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They love hockey, hoodies, trying different foods, being near vast bodies of water on super windy days, black cats (and all animals really—except mosquitos, they can go to hell), and autumn weather. They will not usually admit to having a favorite anything because that type of commitment is terrifying. However, in their heart of hearts, all Ace really wants is to have and to be a favorite person. A FIRECRACKER WISH, they’re debut novel, will be released by The Lion Fish Press in 2023.

You can find Ace Jamerson here:


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