A Million Little Souls

Available in ebook and paperback formats! Over a dozen reviews on Amazon, 30+ ratings on Goodreads.


YA – Fantasy – LGBTQ+ Rep

In the last two weeks of the school year, four teenagers check out books from the Long-Moore High School Library. Mrs. Clark, the high school librarian, says she has never seen the books before. They must have been shelved incorrectly because all of the books are from the city public library. Entrusting the teens to return the books to their rightful home once they are done, she lets them check out the books. Inside of each, the teens learn, is an invitation to attend a special event—one that only happens every 25 years.

You have been selected. Your presence is requested at 7 pm on the 5th. Tell no one. Come alone. Otherwise, your invitation will be invalidated.

The Librarian.

Though all of them think better of it, one by one, they all arrive at the City Public Library alone, ready to attend this mysterious event the messages in the books conveyed. As the night unfolds, they find themselves locked inside the dark building all alone, with nothing to do but wait for dawn. But are they alone? Or is there something more than books inside the library…?

Get to know each other…
Take a stroll through time…
Reach a higher plane…
Go by the numbers…
Respect the books.

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5-Star Reviews:

“Story has great hooks with page-turning heart-pounding excitement.”

“Fun tribute to Breakfast Club-style teen angst, mystery, and books.”

“A Million Little Souls offers a fast-paced adventure filled with daring-do, all wrapped in a tapestry of complex human experience.”

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