Life Happens

I’ll try to keep today’s blog post short and sweet since it’s not a “typical” blog post. Not to worry, the next blog post will be “typical!”

A life event–a wonderful life event–has occurred for me. One that requires a lot of my time and attention. Something that I can’t half-ass with any good conscience. Not that I’ve ever looked at a life event and thought, “How much of my ass is needed here?

That’s a different type of “event.” <cue laugh track>

All joking aside, my full ass is needed for certain life events. Because of this, I have spoken with The Lion Fish Press and we have decided to delay the release of THATCHER GRAVES AND THE DEMON’S CURSE until 2023.

TLFP has always been so good to me and I’m lucky to have a family and home with them. Their patience and understanding for what is needed in my life right now is much appreciated and speaks to the type of imprint they are. So, many thanks to them for treating me like a person and not just a writing machine.

Regardless, when it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to give my full attention to the release of THATCHER GRAVES, delaying its release was the only logical option. It’s not ideal–I’m so excited to share this–in my (biased) opinion–exciting fun, and unique story with you. Thatcher is one of my favorite creations.

I’ve never delayed the release of anything once an actual date has been announced, so this is extra disappointing for me.

However, due to the pride I have for, and the excitement I feel for, THATCHER GRAVES AND THE DEMON’S CURSE, I don’t want to give it half of my ass in attention. With a story I think will be thrilling, exciting, and endearing to readers, and a beautiful cover by Matt Walker, I can’t half-ass it.

To be clear, this does not delay anything else on the books. THE BEES AND OTHER WILD THINGS will still be arriving in October. TRICKED: THE MEN OF BRIEFLY BUDDIES and the novelettes will still be coming out as planned. However, something had to give so I had the amount of ass I needed for my life. I’d rather delay THATCHER until 2023 than to have its release suffer due to my inattention.

I hope you all understand (I know you will, you’re all amazing, beautiful people) and will look forward to reading this story in 2023 and beyond.

Thank you in advance for all of your patience and all of your continued support and love!

Tremendous Love & Thanks,

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  1. You have my fullest support and cheering Chase, do what you need to take care of yourself and have a happy and balanced life. Will be looking forward to all the goodness coming now and later, as always!

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