Love Story

What makes an epic love story? One for the ages? One that, at its end (regardless of that end), would be looked back on with fondness?

What makes a love story swoon-worthy?

Like the rest of you, I’m sure, it’s a question I’ve tried to solve for both professional and personal reasons. As we go through life, many of us are looking for that one special person who makes our hearts sing. Who makes each day exciting and full of opportunity. Who makes life suck a little less during the bad times and elevates the happy times when they come.

Someone we want to share life with each day.

Love stories–the best ones–are about people who share their life and navigate it together. A partnership. A team. Them against the world. When the storm comes, they sail the seas together, and, even if they come out the other side battered, they’re stronger and closer. Because they’ve shared their human experience.

And genuine affection and respect for each other.

Love stories are rarely perfect because life is not perfect. Humans, even if they love each other, are not always perfect for each other every moment of every day.

The greatest love stories are not peaceful instrumental songs played softly on a piano. They’re orchestral and dramatic, with crashes and bangs as the climax is reached, played out softly by a violin as the debris settles and love comes out triumphant.

Love stories are not without drama but are about navigating the drama. As a team. With the aforementioned mutual respect and love.

When people enter a relationship, life doesn’t stop being difficult. Problems with things such as employment, finances, health, friends, and family don’t suddenly disappear. Egos and needs and desires don’t evaporate. They double.

So, love stories are not without strife.

That doesn’t change that they can still be looked back on as epic at their end.

On January 14th, 2020, I released a little novel titled BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE. It clearly illustrates that love stories are not without drama.

On July 8th, 2022, the sequel, THE WARMTH OF OUR CLOSEST STAR will drop. It will illustrate that through all the things life throws at our protagonists – Enzo and Peter – love can find a way.

Because sometimes all we have is hope and possibility. If those can be held onto, in the end, nothing else ends up mattering.

Enzo’s and Peter’s love story is epic. Not perfect. But, in the end, hope and possibility will always be there.

Join Enzo and Peter on the final leg of their love story.

THE WARMTH OF OUR CLOSEST STAR is now available to preorder in ebook format on Amazon.

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