Shameless Self Promotion & Sex Positivity

Since BRIEFLY BUDDIES drops this Friday, August 6th, I thought I’d scream at you all, once again, to…GO PREORDER YOUR EBOOK COPY NOW!!!! *whispers* Paperbacks and hardbacks will be available to order soon.

BRIEFLY BUDDIES, if you haven’t noticed me pimping it like the rent was due yesterday, is an LGBTQIA New Adult Erotic Comedy. Dustin has just graduated high school and has never been laid. Slightly tipsy (okay, drunk) after a few celebratory beers with his best friend, he decides to hire a sex worker. That’s where everything starts to go wrong.

This comedy of errors is about becoming comfortable with one’s own sexuality, how sex work should be normalized, how friendships develop from the strangest circumstances, how some allies can be problematic but still be great, and, of course, ice cream.

It’s not a Chase Connor book if there isn’t food, amirite?

Luckily, another Chase Connor signature–death and grief–does NOT make an appearance in BRIEFLY BUDDIES. It’s all friendship, laughs, sex, and ice cream. Promise.

If you haven’t preordered an ebook yet–and you want to do so–you can find it on Amazon here. This is also where you can buy a paperback and/or hardback when they are available.

Other than begging my readers and friends and reader-friends to give me money, I wanted to talk about sex positivity. BRIEFLY BUDDIES, at its core, is also about being comfortable with one’s sexuality and sex itself.

It took a long time for me to be sex positive–hello, growing up Catholic–but now that I’ve discovered the term, what it means, and learned to embrace it, there’s no going back.

Sex, though it stirs up a lot of internal turmoil, is a natural and healthy function of the human body. Of course, we all have different abilities, desires, sex drives, and methods of expressing ourselves sexually. We’re not all the exact same when it comes to sex, how we view it, and how we do it. We’re not all the same in who we love and how we love.

Sex positivity is embracing all of this. Normalizing sexual expression and celebrating that it is natural and very fucking human to have sex if we so wish.

As long as consenting adults are involved, honesty and care is given to all partners, there is nothing shameful about the act of sex. Sex is a release. It’s joy. It’s destressing. It’s exercise. It’s love. It’s human.

Choosing not to have sex or not wanting to have sex is perfectly human as well.

Both sides of the coin are beautiful. However, shaking off the taboo of sex–or no sex–is important. Shame is a wasted emotion when it comes to having consenting sex with another adult, being open and honest about our needs and desires, and not feeling bad for it.

I hope BRIEFLY BUDDIES touches on that enough to make people consider how they view sex and how they should feel good about having sex.

I’m not much of an erotica writer–this is only my second erotica novel to date–but sex plays a role in a lot of my stories. I’m usually more delicate and precious with my descriptions of sex in my other novels, but sometimes erotica is fun–especially if you have a good plot idea.

I hope those of you who read it enjoy the story, the characters, the spicy scenes, and you feel good with the sex positivity, the normalization of sex work, the bi-rep, and are prompted to think about the “problematic allies” in your life.

At the very least, I hope you swoon at Dustin’s and Max’s story.

Tremendous Love & Thanks,