Briefly Buddies

In case you didn’t notice on Twitter, I’ve announced the upcoming release of my newest book, BRIEFLY BUDDIES!

Full of laughs, sexiness, a bit of angst, and a lot of fun, it’s an LGBTQ+ New Adult Erotic Comedy that you’ll surely love if you enjoy those genres even a little.

I’ve been teasing this book for a month or two, dropping cryptic videos on my Twitter feed, sneaking the “BB” logo in here and there, and even teasing people with the Briefly Buddies website yesterday.

But the day for pre-orders is finally here! You can pre-order the book on Amazon here (paperbacks and hardbacks will be available to order a few days before the ebook drops).

BRIEFLY BUDDIES tells the story of Dustin Blanchard, an 18-year-old new adult who just graduated high school and is in his last summer before university, who has never been laid. One drunken night, he and his best friend, Miguel, decide that if Dustin couldn’t get laid through his own skills and swagger, he should turn to a professional. What ensues is a slight comedy of errors–heavy on the comedy.

This marks my first return to erotica since BULLY–so I hope my readers enjoy it just as much…or more! I definitely think it’s just as exciting and sexy!

To help you decide if it’s something you might love, here’s the official blurb:

Being a gay teen can be difficult, but for Dustin Blanchard, it’s been pretty boring, actually. In less than twenty-four hours he’s going to graduate from high school. His parents and friends have always given him their full support and unconditional love. He’s always had plenty of friends in school, he’s attractive, always gotten good grades, and he’s headed into a new chapter of life—university after his last summer of working at a local ice cream joint. His life has been…blessed.

There’s just one thing. He’s never had a boyfriend. Never gotten laid. Never even been kissed. Well, not like that, anyway. So, life has been good, but it’s been boring. When he came out, Dustin imagined his own rom-com, teenage, coming-of-age scenario playing out, finding a boyfriend in high school, and being crowned dual Kings of the Prom.

Nothing ever works out the way he imagines, though, and he’s getting pretty tired of it.

On the night of his graduation, Dustin and his friend, Miguel, come up with a plan while sharing a few beers swiped from the neighborhood barbecue. If you can’t get laid through skill and swagger of your own, you can always turn to a professional. All you need is the internet and a device.

So, buzzed from the beers, Dustin logs onto Briefly Buddies to find the perfect guy to help him achieve his first real gay experience.

And that’s where everything really started to go wrong…

BRIEFLY BUDDIES drops on August 6th, 2021 and will be available in ebook, paperback, and hardback formats.

Tremendous Love & Thanks,