The Red Rooster Tavern

In 3 days, MURDER AT THE RED ROOSTER TAVERN (A Point Worth LGBTQ Paranormal Romance Book 7) drops! After the first cycle of “Jacob Michaels Is…,” Book 7 continues with the further adventures of Jacob Michels, er, Robert Wagner. Well…reimagined.

In case you haven’t read this post yet, you might want to reference it (SPOILER HEAVY, SO BE WARNED!). That post will give you a little more background on the first 6 books in the series and what to expect for future books.

However, I thought today, in light of its impending/upcoming release, I would fill everyone in more on what to expect from the next “Jacob Michaels Is…” cycle.

So, let’s start, my friends!

The Red Rooster Tavern – Open Soon!

Jacob Michaels is returning to Point Worth…again? Even before he goes beyond the magickal veil that surrounds his hometown, he knows that something isn’t right. Jacob has come home to talk to his Oma about what troubles him, figure out what can be done…and to settle old heartaches. However, a werewolf attack at The Red Rooster Tavern the first night he’s in town throws a wrench in his plans. When a dead body is found in the alley behind the tavern the following day, things only get more complicated. Especially since his grandmother might be a prime suspect! Jacob will have to work with a long-lost love to clear his grandmother’s name. Like all things that happen in Point Worth, nothing makes sense, everyone is a suspect, and nothing is easy.

Just like the first 6 books in the JMI series, MURDER AT THE RED ROOSTER TAVERN starts off another cycle of Jacob Michaels’, er, Rob Wagner’s, life in a world ruled by magicks and paranormal creatures.

As before, readers will be left with cliffhangers, more questions than answers with each book, each will be longer than the one before, the multi-book arc gaining steam with each entry. With book 4–the final book in this second cycle–everything will be laid bare. Nothing is as it seems, readers should not get too comfortable with anything they believe is happening, and no character is guaranteed safety. Sound familiar?

Unlike the first cycle of JMI, the hot and heavy scene(s) come much earlier in “ROOSTER.” So, that’s something to have the readers grinning.

A new character, Austin, is introduced, and will feature heavily in the next 3 books.

New Point Worth locations will be the background(s) of this twisting, turning, multiple murders mystery that will only be solved when the last chapter of the fourth book is read.

Readers should be happy that all of their favorite characters will return in this cycle. Some of the characters they didn’t like will be back as well. BWAHAHAHA!

And finally, we may or may not get to find out more about the mysterious organization known as…The Council.

I really think that dedicated JMI readers will enjoy this new adventure and will have a great time on the ride. And I can’t wait to share all four books with all of you!

Important to note–like the books in the first cycle, ebooks will be $2.99 and paperbacks will be kept in the $9.99 to $12.99 range.

An omnibus for JMI CYCLE 2 will be available after all 4 books have been released, in case you are thinking about buying the paperbacks.

Also, if you would like to buy some The Red Rooster Tavern merch, check out the Chase Connor Books merch store!

So, buckle up, get ready…death is back on the menu in Point Worth!

Tremendous Love & Thanks,