La Vie Est Une Aventure

Writing books for a living is the dream for me. One which I’m living. And I’m eternally grateful. Each day I wake up with a song in my heart…and a craving for donuts and coffee. Anything sweet to go with my coffee, really, but that’s neither here nor there.

When a full-time writer (*cough* me *cough*) also tries to think of a topic or theme to blog about each week, it’s a bit of a drag. Not that I don’t enjoy writing my blog on Chase Connor Books–I freaking love it!–but sometimes I just don’t know what I can write two-thousand-ish about sometimes.

So…this week…I’m falling back on taking the easy way out. I thought I’d fill you all in on how life is going, what I’m up to with my writing, and perform a general Chase Connor Status Check.

It’s easier than thinking of something real to blog about. Don’t judge me!

Life is good. It’s great even. Things at home are going well. SAM and I are both healthy, happy, and still in love. Wish he’d pick up after his goddamn self more, but it’s a small thing to put up with, right?

Our fur-baby is healthy, happy, and loved tremendously as well. We had a “poop in the hall” incident recently, but it’s a small thing to put up with, right?

Narrator: It wasn’t a *small thing*. *BARF*

Regardless, we’re all doing well, we’re vaccinated against COVID yet still acting responsibly, and we can’t really ask for much out of life that we don’t already have. It’s a good place to find oneself.

As far as writing goes, MURDER AT THE RED ROOSTER TAVERN (A POINT WORTH LGBTQ PARANORMAL ROMANCE BOOK SEVEN) is coming out in a few weeks (May 7th, to be exact). I’m really excited to share this new adventure of Jacob Michaels’, er, Rob Wagner’s with you all, and I think you’ll all really enjoy it. More creatures, magic, sass, and sexy times abound!

Recently, The Lion Fish Press sent out blue envelopes to select readers that contained Chase Connor Books bookmarks, a sticker from The Red Rooster Tavern (the fictional tavern in Point Worth/JACOB MICHAELS IS… series), and a sticker from The Juice from Jude (the website/blog that Jude ran in WHEN WORDS GROWN FANGS). I hope everyone has received their envelopes and enjoyed the little treats.

Lately, I’ve been working on something extra spicy. I can’t talk about it much since it’s a surprise, but it’s something that might shock you all. <insert naughty laugh here> More to come on that in the coming months.

Aside from the extra spicy recipe I’m working on, there is a super secret project I’ve just gotten some artwork for…and, well…you’ll all just have to wait. But I will say–pay attention to my Twitter posts, blog posts, and maybe you’ll get a little hint from time to time?

Additionally, I’m working with another author on a big project that many of you will be able to get involved with if you so choose. In the coming months, we’ll be dropping information on Twitter and other social media, on websites, and in newsletters, so that you can all “sign up” if you like. Make sure you’re signed up for the Chase Connor Newsletter and follow me on Twitter!

And all of this is in addition to the two million (give or take) books I’ve already announced will be coming in the future. There’s something wrong with me. I know.

Regardless of how busy I find myself, life is an adventure. With SAM, our fur-baby, writing, the world (such as it is), and day-to-day happenings, I’m rarely bored. I’m loving every minute of it. I hope you are, too!

Tremendous Love & Thanks,


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