Have A Taste

Surprise, surprise. Grosse surprise! This week, I’m taking it easy with the blog post once again! While I have some blog posts planned for the future that might actually be of interest to other writers (and maybe even readers), today I’m presenting a post for readers of my work.

A question I get asked a lot in emails and DMs is:

“Which part(s) of <insert book title> is/are you favorite(s)?”

Today, I thought I’d post some of my favorite passages from some of my work. Now that I think about it, this might be useful to other writers. It might give others bravery to be their own biggest cheerleader and be proud of their work as well?

One can hope, anyway...

Regardless, the following are some of my favorite parts of some of my books. Passages I’m particularly proud of, scenes that were fun to write, or scenes I just think I would enjoy if I was the reader instead of the writer.

Hopefully, (even if you haven’t read these books) you’ll enjoy these as well!

This piece of advice was given to me by my mother a long time ago. You don’t say: “It’s okay.” when someone apologizes. You forgive them*. It lets them know that your forgiveness is required when they do wrong by you. I finally used it in a book. It’s very simple advice, but it is profound in how obvious it should be.

*Or you tell them to go fuck themselves. Up to you.

Almost everything about this book brings me joy. From how quickly I conceived the plot to how the words just seemed to flow each time I sat down to write…I haven’t read this one since it was first published in 2018. I don’t need to–I remember writing it like it was yesterday. I miss these guys.

I don’t talk about this book much – for obvious reasons – but this passage is one that feels truest to me.

Ginjuh’s/Zach’s relationship with his grandfather was one of my favorite relationships to write in any of my books. We could all use a grandpa like Mr. Ernest Pelton.

These are my favorite parts of ENZO. Especially the donuts and meal at Le Canard Pareseux. Who doesn’t love food?

Tremendous Love & Thanks,