What’s To Come?

Officially, this is the last blog post on the website for the year. Yay! We somehow made it through 2020, everyone! Of course, there are still two days left, so I shouldn’t jinx us. Let’s move on…

In 2021, obviously more books are on the way. I will talk about 2 of them now.

One, the first books I’ll be releasing in 2021 is WHEN WORDS GROW FANGS – as chosen by Chase Connor Books readers in this poll. All three books offered up gave each other a run for their money, but WWGF won out in the end by a handful of votes.

When Words Grow Fangs Cover/Synopsis

Soon, I’ll be able to announce a release date and more information about Jude and his fight for justice. Until then, I can’t really say much else…other than this is kind of a return to my YA roots. I think anyone who loved JUST A DUMB SURFER DUDE, GAVIN’S BIG GAY CHECKLIST, or A SURPLUS OF LIGHT will enjoy this one as well. Here’s hoping, right?

The second thing I want to mention is this:

Yeah. I’ve been teasing on Twitter. It’s what I do. As some have guessed, I’ve been convinced to write another erotica novel. Now…I haven’t written erotica since the BULLY days. I’m not great with writing sex. However, after telling my developmental editor about a story idea I had, knocking some ideas around, and getting over my resistance, we both realized it needed to be a sexy little romp. So…here’s what is coming (no pun intended) from that story development session:
Briefly Buddies

Though I’m offering little information about the story at this time–I may have already written quite a few chapters in the first draft. Although, as a hint, one character might accidentally confuse another character for a sex worker–and things happen. The story also starts off with a jerk off scene and the main character describing a porn video he’s watching. So, it’s going to have plenty of spice!

Also, for funsies, here is everything else in the works:

In 2021, I also plan to revamp the Chase Connor Books newsletter, become less resistant to certain things–like Twitter Fleets–and work my butt off on becoming a better writer so that the readers will enjoy their purchases even more.

Since May of 2018, all of the readers and my fellow writers have made this writing and publishing journey interesting and joyful. As a writer, I hate to say it, but I don’t have words for how wonderful that makes me feel. Well, maybe I have the words, but they would never seem good enough.

Regardless, I appreciate you all more than I could ever explain and you will ever know.

In case we don’t “talk” before, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and we all go into 2021 together happy, healthy, and hopeful.

Be kind to each other and yourselves. Make the world a more beautiful place.

Tremendous Love & Thanks,


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