Let’s Dance – A Straight Line Upcoming Release

September 25th, this coming Friday, A STRAIGHT LINE will drop in ebook and paperback formats. Have you pre-ordered your ebook copy yet??

The promo trailer for A STRAIGHT LINE

I (along with my co-author, J.D. Wade) are head over heels excited to share this story with all of the readers. It’s a M/M romance book, I suppose, but it’s really much more than that to us.

Themes of family, found family, community, hope, resilience, Pride, and appreciating and respecting those who came before you, are all explored. Us folks in the LGBTQ+ community often forget the “elders” who got us where we are today.

A STRAIGHT LINE tells the story of Russ, a young gay twenty-something, who has come to live with his uncles, Harry and Vic, just a week before they sell their queer bar, A Straight Line to new owners.

Harry and Vic founded the bar in an old building that once housed a restaurant in the town of Littleburg, Iowa. The Biggest Little City on the Wapsipinicon. This was back in 1980. The town of Littleburg, and its people, were not so accepting then. Over the years, thanks to resilience, altruism, a little queer magic, and the regionally famous drag queen, “Bang Bang,” attitudes shifted.

Vic, Harry, and their bar are now beloved by their community. They’ll be missed, even if A Straight Line will go on without them. It’s their legacy that someone else will have to keep going.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t have one last big party to celebrate their exceptional lives, right?

Harry and Vic, along with the Littleburg Rainbow Catering Company have invited all of the queers and allies around Littleburg to celebrate the end of an era with them. There will be good food, drinks, dancing, music that hits a queer right in the soul, possibly love connections, reminiscing about the history of the community and A Straight Line, and even a performance from Bang Bang herself…if she bothers to show up.

I mean…where the hell is Bang Bang???

My biggest hope is that this story will not just entertain readers, but will lift up their hearts. It will remind them to wrap themselves in their found families and LGBTQ+ community–remember that they are never alone and never unloved.

Just like A Straight Line did for the queers of Littleburg, Iowa–and regionally, really–I hope it inspires everyone to live their best queer life.

Allies always welcome.

So, once you have the book or paperback in your hands, sit back, kick up your feet, and join Harry, Vic, Russ, Denny, The Flirtatious Five, Bethany, and Bang Bang in one great big celebration. Once you’ve read the last words, get up, turn on your favorite queer anthem…and dance.

Tremendous Love & Thanks,