A Sequel To Enzo

In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking if there will ever be a sequel to BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE. Needless to say, it’s incredibly flattering and humbling that readers want to know more about Enzo and Peter and what happened after their one perfect night in Montreal together.

I’ve mentioned in passing on Twitter, in newsletters, and here on Chase Connor Books, that a sequel for ENZO is in the works. However, many readers don’t follow what happens on Twitter or the website, nor do they subscribe to the newsletters (and all of that is perfectly fine). Because of this, though, they aren’t kept in the loop about any upcoming books.

Additionally, there are people who only follow me on Twitter, or on the website, or just receive newsletters. These people might also get left out when it comes to certain news, too.

For these reasons, I thought I should make today’s blog about ENZO and the sequel.

For the past several months, I’ve been working on finalizing projects that I have lined up with my imprint, The Lion Fish Press. In my spare time, I’ve been writing the sequel to ENZO. It’s a slow process, to say the least. Mostly because I have so many projects we are working on, but also, I am taking my time with writing the sequel.

I don’t want to eff it up, obviously.

Writing a book like ENZO (or its sequel) takes a great deal more time than something like JUST A DUMB SURFER DUDE or GINJUH. Of course, the fact that I have so many projects lined up for release through The Lion Fish Press also means I am scheduled out pretty far. Which means I have lots of time to write the sequel. I’m maybe taking advantage of that a bit. *insert evil laughter here*

Due to all of the projects that are finished, or are close to being finished, my release schedule with The Lion Fish Press doesn’t have an opening until 2022 – which is when the sequel to ENZO will drop (exact date to be determined).

Regardless, in 2022, THE WARMTH OF OUR CLOSEST STAR, the sequel to ENZO will arrive. Everyone who fell in love with Enzo, his family, and Peter, will get to find out what happened after that one perfect night.

And I want to make it as perfect as possible for those readers.

So, there will be a bit of a wait for WARMTH. However, ENZO is being translated into other languages, an audiobook version is coming from Tantor Media on September 29th, 2020 (narrated by the incomparable Brian Lore Evans), and I’ll have plenty of other books to fill up your time until 2022.

In the meantime, here is a mock-up of what we think the cover for WARMTH will look like:

Of course, that’s not the final cover, but it will give you some idea of what to expect, I suppose.

I don’t want to give too much away – still in the middle of writing the book, after all – but like ENZO, WARMTH will do some leaping through time. Back and forth, present day, a year ago, six years ago. There will be joy and happiness, good times and bad times, celebrations and moments of reflection, and there will be new characters you (hopefully) will fall in love with when you read it.

On the final page, I hope readers will be satisfied with the conclusion to Enzo’s story. And, just like BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE, readers will feel a sense of hope when they set the book down.

Until 2022…

Tremendous Love & Thanks,