Guest Post: Yvonne N. Pierre – “He Qualifies The Called”

I looked back and questioned, “How did that happen?” Absolutely baffled that I’m a writer.  When I talk to most writers, they tell me that they’ve always loved writing and how writing is a dream come true for them.  That’s definitely not my story.  I ran from writing.  And I questioned God, “Me?  Are you sure?”

I had a traumatizing childhood.  I go into more details in my book, “The Day My Soul Cried,” but I’ll briefly share with you that my father was murdered when I was 1-years-old, a childhood sexual abuse survivor, and the list goes on.  I started down a road of self-destruction.  By the age of 16, I was an alcoholic.  I was eventually banned from Gary, Indiana public school system.  I was a troubled teen. 

After graduating from an alternative school barely able to read and write,  and after several wake up calls, I decided to go to a local community college, but was unable to pass the entry exam.  I cried.  The registrar saw how devastated I was and pulled me to the side.  She slipped the answers in my hands and told me to come back in a month.  I contemplated cheating.  But realized that it would be a disservice to me.  So, I called her back and asked her to tell me what to study.  I studied day and night.  I went back to retake the test.  I barely passed but I did.  I had to study a little harder than the other students because I had a lot of catching up to do.  Eventually, I was getting paid to help and do my peers’ homework.  

So, how did I become a writer?  Well.  It was a nagging voice telling me to share my story.  But I ran from the idea.  But the more I ran, the more it hunted me.  But I had this complex that it’s not going to be good enough.  And I didn’t see myself as a writer.  Eventually, I attempted my first book.  I made a lot of mistakes.  I had a lot of doors closed in my face.  Someone told me that I was a nobody and that no one would be interested in my story.  For years, I was unable to write. 

Then, one day, I decided to stop giving those negative voices, including my own, power.  So, I decided to question the voice.  For example, the guy telling me that I’m a nobody, I asked, “Okay, then, how do I introduce myself?”  So, I produced and hosted my radio show.  Then, a few years later launched my first book, “The Day My Soul Cried” in 2010.  I also received my MBA from Colorado Tech University in 2010.  In 2011, produced the first Rise Awards honoring those who are making a difference in the special needs community.  In 2012, I wrote my first short film, “Never Alone” through Studio 11 Films.  That same year, I wrote, directed and produced my first stage play, “Then You Stand.”  I wrote a couple of musicals for directors.  In 2014, produced the Rise Awards.  And in 2016, I published my second book, “Zoey,” and produced the online Rise Awards.  In 2017, I received my MA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Screenwriting from Southern New Hampshire University. 

Today, I can say “I’m a writer” without feeling like I have to explain.  I want to urge you that if you’re struggling with anything, that you know God called you to do it.  Know that he chose YOU for a reason.  Maybe there’s a story that only you can tell. 

I hope by sharing my story that it encourages you no matter what it is.  Educate yourself and just do it!  You don’t have to get a degree.  I didn’t have to have a degree, it was personal for me.  But I highly suggest that you master your craft. If you’re questioning if you’re qualified, instead, ask yourself, “How do I get qualified?”  And remember the verse that says, “God doesn’t call the qualified; he qualifies the called.”

Yvonne Pierre is a proud wife and mom of two sons – Zyair and Zyon.  Her youngest son was born with Down syndrome which led to her advocacy.   Yvonne is a writer, producer, and advocate.  For more information, visit You can find Yvonne N. Pierre’s books here.