What Now?

A MILLION LITTLE SOULS – my first YA Fantasy novel dropped on Friday, June 5th. If you didn’t pre-order or buy a copy, what are you waiting for? It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited if you have a subscription.

Of course, the work of an author is never done. I can’t speak for traditionally published authors, but I know us indies (or indie hybrids) don’t get to rest for long. As soon as one project is done, we’re moving on to the next. As soon as one book publishes, there’s another thing to write, rewrite, or edit. You have to be a bad bitch to be an indie author. I said it.

So, what’s next for Chase Connor?

I’ve mentioned a few times (read: a million) that I have several books with The Lion Fish Press in various stages of completion. We’ve been working on all of them closely together, deciding what’s next, what needs to be rewritten, edits that need to be done…it’s a never ending checklist, really. But I love it. I like to stay busy.

Regardless, it has been decided that A STRAIGHT LINE, a book I co-wrote with The Lion Fish Press author, J.D. Wade,, will be coming out next. It’s a pretty straight forward gay romance with a twist. J.D. released THE ADVISOR back in March. It’s a really fun gay political romance you might want to check out ahead of the release of A STRAIGHT LINE.

We’ll also be releasing my book, A BOY CALLED NEVER, an omnibus edition of the JACOB MICHAELS IS… series (all 6 books plus the short story, CARNAVAL) in ebook and paperback formats. That’s going to be a chonky paperback, folks! Additionally, I’ll have a few entries in the short Christmas story compilation The Lion Fish Press will release later in the year. We’re working on the audiobooks for BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE and A MILLION LITTLE SOULS, and we’re translating ENZO into French! Maybe there will be a few surprises along the way…

It should be an exciting second half of the year, and I can’t wait to share everything with all of you!

In the meantime, don’t forget that you can find all of my books listed on Chase Connor Books and catch me on Twitter.

Here’s to a better second half of 2020, and many amazing years to come. Thank you all for reading, being supportive, and just being the amazing, beautiful people that you are!

Tremendous Love & Thanks,