Happy New Year, you beautiful, amazing people! How do you like my David Bowie impersonation? I hope 2020 is turning out wonderfully for all of you so far!

For the first post of 2020 I thought it was important to let everyone know about changes coming to Chase Connor Books. I wanted to let everyone know that I will continue to blog, but only bi-monthly (the second and fourth/last Tuesday of every month–for example, the 14th and 28th of this month). Hopefully, with a new blogging schedule, I will be able to produce higher quality posts that do a deeper dive into whatever writing topics I blog about every other week.

This means that next Tuesday, 1.14.20, BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE will drop (have you pre-ordered your copy yet??) and you will get a fresh-ass blog post from yours truly. I know you’re all just dying!

In the coming months, I will focus my posts on writing and book topics only and “Chase’s Diary” will be to inform any interested readers of projects I am working on. You can find it by clicking on the toolbar to the left.

Also, you will notice that the home page of Chase Connor Books will be redirected to “Chase Connor’s Books” – the actual page where you may click to purchase my books. To access blog posts, you will have to click on the blog archive found on the toolbar on the right. Scroll down and you will see a list of months – just click on a month to take you to an archive of each post.

You might also want to follow me so that you will get an email anytime I upload a new post, or join the mailing list so you can be notified of any exciting Chase Connor news. Both methods for following CCB can be found on the right as well.

Regardless, I will continue to post to Twitter on the Tuesdays that I upload a new post. You can follow me on Twitter here.

So, as we move further into 2020, I hope we can all continue to share our reading and writing adventures and fill our lives with hope, light, and love.

Tremendous Love & Thanks,