New Year’s Eve

Isn’t it crazy how Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve both fell on regular blog posts days here at Chase Connor Books? It’s like the universe wants to be sure that we all check in with each other on the important days, to make sure we stay connected. Of course, the 24th and the 31st are exactly one week apart, so it’s not weird that they both fell on Tuesday when you look at it from that angle.

New Year’s Eve is usually for partying, drinking champagne, and kissing someone at midnight–preferably someone we want to see more of in the following year.

However, many of us (myself included) would rather stay home in warm pajamas, in front of the fire (and the Christmas Tree I still haven’t taken down), and snuggle up with my loved ones–furry or otherwise. Maybe we will watch a good movie or read a good book.

If you choose to go with a good book, you know that I have recommendations. You can always read any of mine on Kindle Unlimited by going here:

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Two books stood out this year as my absolute favorites:

Icarus is a stunning achievement. It retells a tale as old as time, in a way that tears your heart to shreds, yet simultaneously makes it soar. Wing makes this epic Greek myth accessible, while still honoring it’s antediluvian charm. Admirers of the recent works of Madeline Miller will hold Icarus in similar esteem. Wing’s skillful storytelling, combined with his masterful writing talent, make this a book you will not want to miss.
This first novel from A.J. Stiles is how any author wants to debut. Part travelogue, part love letter to food and Brazil, the past and the present collide under the heart-wrenching specter of war, lost love, grief, and finding oneself…all while romance and hope blooms. This book tore my heart out of my chest, ripped it up, pasted it back together, made me swoon. It was like a feast of words, every single one I could taste and smell. I will be watching for more from this author and will buy each new offering without a second thought. This is, simply put, a masterpiece.

Two of my favorite movies this year were JUDY and CATS. Yes. CATS. I don’t know what all of the hate for CATS is about–but it was stunning, gorgeous, and amazing. Every actor was perfection, the songs were stunning, the CGI pays tribute to the original stage production of humans pretending to be felines…it was phenomenal. And JUDY couldn’t have shown Renee Zellweger’s acting and singing ability more perfectly. I was a teary mess by the end and often forgot I wasn’t watching Judy Garland herself perform. I can’t recommend these two movies enough. Regardless…

This year with all of you, sharing my books, hearing your thoughts, reading your books, getting to “meet” so many of you, and getting to know so many of you so well has been one of the great joys of my life. I hope you all know what an honor it has been to be able to share a little piece of myself with you and have that returned. I hope we continue to do so for years to come.

So…I will see you all next year. Yes. I used that joke. Don’t hold it against me.

Tremendous Love & Thanks,


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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful words you wrote this year that brought me so much pleasure. You’re a treasure. I will follow your recommendation on the A.J. Stiles’ book.

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