Why Do You Write?

Soon, I hope to be able to announce that A SURPLUS OF LIGHT (the paperback is only $6.95 through Christmas) is available in audiobook format. In January 2020, I have 2 new book releases. BETWEEN ENZO & THE UNIVERSE drops on 1.14.20, and JACOB MICHAELS IS DEAD (A POINT WORTH LGBTQ PARANORMAL ROMANCE BOOK 6) drops 1.28.20 (now available for preorder). There are many other things happening in 2020 – such as, a book I co-authored with a fellow writer by the name of J.D. Wade, called A STRAIGHT LINE, will be published. Additional books I wrote on my own, A MILLION LITTLE SOULS, ONE BRICK KINGDOM, IT MEANS SOMETHING DIFFERENT, and A BOY CALLED NEVER, will also be published. Additionally, there’s another tiny little project in the works that I have to keep my lips shut about…for a few months.

Regardless, 2020 is shaping up to be one of my biggest years, both personally and professionally. In fact, so much so that Bae recently asked me a few questions that really made me think. The questions were:

What makes you write? And if you weren’t making money as a writer, would you still do it?

Those are two really good questions that I’m sure most writers get asked a lot throughout their careers.

So, what makes me write? The same thing that makes me a writer. I can’t not do it. Even thinking about never using my laptop to tell a story again not only saddens me…it’s terrifying. I have so many characters and stories living in my head, I would be sad to not tell their stories. For many years, the characters in my head were my only friends. That sounds crazy, but the writers will get it. Also, to consider never doing something that I wake up each morning and go to sleep each night thinking about is like asking me to cut off an arm or leg. Writing is just a part of who I am. It’s one of the most important parts of what makes Chase Connor…well, Chase Connor.

I can take a break from writing new stories for a period of time…as the end of 2019 has proved…but I can’t consider stopping altogether. It’s just who I am. I am a writer. It’s that simple.

Actually–and this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately–I don’t know if I’m a “writer.” I was having a conversation with another friend who writes, and I’ve discovered that maybe I am a Storyteller. I’m not the best writer in the world. My grammar, punctuation, spelling, and structure continuously need work…but I’m fairly proud of how I can tell a story and make a person love (or hate) a character. At the very least, even if a book is far from perfect, I think the story I tell within it is good.

Regardless, what about the second question? Would I still write if I didn’t make money doing it?

The simple answer is: “Yes.” I wrote for a decade before I made any bit of money off of my writing. Why would I stop writing now if I stopped making money? I never started writing because I thought it would be my main source of income or that I would get rich. I. Just. Had. To. Write.

The complicated answer is: “Yes. But…”

The “but” is that I would probably structure my life differently. I would schedule my writing time and personal life in different ways. If writing didn’t generate income, I would go back to writing when I had the most time and doing it more as a hobby. But I would never stop simply because there was no money in it. Writing can be a hobby just like anything else. It is not ridiculous to write simply to write, though many people might try to make writers feel otherwise.

Writing can be a fun hobby, mental exercise…even therapy.

I know that when I am dealing with difficult emotions or memories, writing about them (even in a fictionalized way) brings me solace. Writing about events in an Oculi Dei way allows me to see those emotions and memories in a more complete and unbiased way. It helps me understand the people and circumstances that were difficult to understand when living with and through them. When the last key is tapped, I feel everything is expunged.

So…that’s why I write. That’s why I continue to write, regardless of circumstance. It’s something I have to do, something that brings me great joy, something that makes me feel more human.

Why do you write?

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One thought on “Why Do You Write?

  1. You are a writer and a storyteller. You are a wordsmith. You put together sentences in a manner that clearly shows you know how to structure words in artful, concise and thrifty ways to evoke emotions and communicate your stories. You are original and stylish. The universe uses you as a transmitter for things it needs to say and for things it needs people to hear. That makes you not only a writer – but an artist.


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