I’m A Sinner, I’m A Saint (Don’t Bother Asking If I’m Ashamed)

Recently, I was asked about a weekly themed post I make on my Twitter account. The post is almost always on Fridays, mentions how it is the weekend, and I have more time to sin – and it includes a .gif of Jared Padalecki doing a funny dance. The .gif is so fun, I will include it for reference:

The question about these posts was: ” Aren’t you afraid by referring to gay sex as a ‘sin’ it might be triggering to gay YA who might read you or other LGBT who struggle from conversion therapy or religious ideologies in their life?”

I responded with: “Simple answer – no.”

The complex answer is this:

Religion and God were a big part of my life for a very long time. Now, only God gets my attention. For years, like the people referenced in the question, I was told by God’s “good people” that being LGBTQ+ was wrong, that we were sinners, going to Hell…repent, repent repent. God did not love us the way that we are. I never believed these things. I would hear someone say these things, smile, nod, and continue on with my day, secure in my relationship with and faith in God. A priest or preacher or even a Pope cannot speak for God – and they certainly will not tell me which way my moral compass should point. Especially since so many of them have covered up sex crimes against children. Their moral compasses are definitely off, so I refuse to take advice from them about my life.

When I say that I am “going to sin” it is with a nudge and a wink – a sarcastic, ironic statement that “Imma be me.”

Look at me! I’m sinning! Tee-hee!

I’m taking something horrible that was said to me and reclaiming it as my own. I am trying to tell all of my LGBTQ+ family that these “sins” religious people may speak of are ones they made up in their own heads. Do not let them have power over you.

In my Twitter bio, I state that I am a “mostly harmless smartass.” I’m also a kind person and I try to be kind to everyone I encounter (if I can’t, I tend to just be quiet). When I say something sarcastically or use irony, I know that people mistake it for my normal, frequent earnestness. However, this is not the case when it comes to my weekly post about “sinning” for the weekend. I’m looking up at God with a wink, saying:

Look at these jerks who think they can speak for you.

So…you don’t need my blessing, but sin all you can all day, everyday, my amazing, wonderful friends. If love is a sin, then it is God’s favorite sin.

Tremendous Love & Thanks,


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