Doing My Best?

Another blog post is expected this week, or so I was told. I’m not really great with deadlines and a commitment to having something written on a specific day every week. I’m a storyteller, not a blogger. Schedules are not for me when it comes to writing. But I’m going to do my best–as the title of this post implies.

One thing that a lot of my reader-friends don’t know about me and my “method” is that a lot of the books of mine they have read were written years before they were even published. Just a Dumb Surfer Dude was written when I was still technically a teenager. Gavin’s Big Gay Checklist? I was barely out of my teens. A Tremendous Amount of Normal I began writing three years before I finished and published it. Don’t get me wrong–I can type pretty quickly and I have stories I want to tell gushing from my ears. When inspired, I can pound out a first draft of a story lightning fast. Sometimes, though…the muses give me the cold shoulder. Any writer can tell you that is a very frustrating situation.

That is where “blogging” turns into my mortal enemy. As I mentioned, I am a storyteller. Fiction is where I shine, I think. Writing a blog post about my writing, myself, or my books is nearly a Herculean Task. If I task myself with writing a book like A Surplus of Light, where I get to write concise prose that is flowery and romantic, I get overwhelmed with excitement, my body one big lightning rod in the middle of an electrical storm. I know how to do that! Though, I suppose it depends upon which review you choose to believe. HA!

Write a blog post about me and my “method?” We may as well look at a blank computer screen. It might be more interesting. So, this is where I will plead on my hands and knees (you may take that in any naughty way you please) to my reader-friends. Give me ideas of what I should blog about.

Is there a character from a book you have questions about?

Do you want to know if I have thoughts about what happened to the characters after the story ended in a book?

Do you want to know where I got an idea for a specific story or book?

Do you want me to just “shut up and write?”

I’m open to listening to anything you have for me, my friends. By using the “Contact Chase” link at the top of the page, in the menu bar, you can reach out to me. But, in the meantime, I will go back to working on my stories.

Tremendous Love & Thanks,


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