Hello, My Reader Friends!

Hi, everyone! It’s me, Chase! Let’s start today with a big group hug! It’s not creepy. We’re all friends here! I’m so overwhelmed at having my own author website. It may not seem like it’s a very big deal to most authors, but considering the fact that I never expected to sell a single book when I started on my independent publishing journey, this step feels monumental to me. I am so glad to be sharing it with all of you because that just makes it even more gratifying.

Today is the release day for ‘Jacob Michaels Is Not Jacob Michaels (A Point Worth LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance – Book 3)‘ and the launch of this site. It would take a lot to ruin this day!

If you have not pre-ordered the book, or you have not even read any of the books in the series, you can find all of the information and links to purchase the books on Amazon here. I will not pressure you into buying any of my books–I’m happy to have you here, even if you are not interested in any of my books. But…if you like episodic LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance with foul-mouthed older women, mysterious/mythical creatures, worn out (yet still sexy) A-List celebrities, cliffhanger endings that have you dying to read the next book, and just the right amount of romance, it might just be for you!

Since today is the launch date of this site, my site maintenance guy told me to write a post telling you what I expect for the future of this site.

Seeing as I needed a “site maintenance guy” to begin with, I don’t know if I know what to expect. However, I hope that this can be a place where I can keep you up-to-date about books I have published, projects I am working on, answer questions you have, talk about life and love, and create a community around the characters and stories I love writing. Most importantly, I want this to be a space where I can connect with all of you–my reader friends.

There aren’t words to express how much it means to me that people have read my books and actually enjoy them. I hope that I don’t let you down!

I suppose for now, I will just point out some things I’ve been told to point out to you by my site maintenance guy (he is pushy, but taking care of me is a big job, so I do not hold that against him). In the menu bar, you can find an “About Chase Connor” link if you want to know more about me. Just so that you are not disappointed, I’m a somewhat private person, so I do not give out too many personal details. We will see what the future brings…

There is also a link to “Contact Chase” if you have questions, comments, or concerns. I would love to hear from all of you, so do not be afraid to click, type, and send!

On the right sidebar, you will find a box to enter your email address so that you can “Follow” my site and get an email whenever there is a blog entry posted. If you have a WordPress account, you can just click that “hovering” follow icon. WordPress members know what that means, so says my site guy.

Lastly, I will be checking the site each day (at the end of my day), so if I don’t respond to a comment, like, or question very quickly, it just isn’t the end of the day for me yet. I will answer, though!

For now, thank you again for visiting the site, reading my books, and just being a friend! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!

Tremendous Love & Thanks,


4 thoughts on “Hello, My Reader Friends!

  1. Well, well, my big shot pal. Now you’ve got your own website. Next it will be a Rolls Royce crossover with a driver, and then a private jet. When you get a private jet let me know as I’ve always fantasized about being a flight attendant. I love you, rascal. ❤ Kent Cool

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  2. I love me some Chase Connor – look forward to reading what you need to say . I suspect you doing you will always be addictive. Just started book 3 Jacob Michaels. Much ❤️

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